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The Truro Kids Triathlon is a Triathlon Nova Scotia sanctioned event. We are also proud to partner with The Town of Truro Parks and Recreation (who also operates the Victoria Park Pool) and the Colchester Recreation. is a volunteer, not for profit group of individuals who focus on safety, participation and fun to get families active in Truro and surrounding area. 
This event will NOT be timed. If you are looking for timed events check out the Triathlon Nova Scotia Youth Series Events.  

WHEN: Saturday August 18, 2018

REGISTRATION:  (for privacy we will not display participants names when you register, only a count)

1. Cost: $20 per individual,  $35 for 2, $50 for 3 and $60 for 4 or more.  There will be a small online registration fee.

email or text 9029572663 If you have specific questions about the race that are not addressed on this page or facebook link.

2.  WHAT YOU GET:   We will be handing out Triathlon Nova Scotia finisher medals.  There will be post race refreshments.  We will be posting a full compliment of pictures.  You can also swim throughout the morning before and after the event within the hours we have it rented 8 until 12. 

***There are 100 custom fitness towels (black with yellow print, our logo colours)  with the words Truro Kids Triathlon on them*** so the 1st 100 registered participants will receive one.

We will be doing draw prizes for each heat which will be drawn based on your race number (number we will write on our arm with a marker)

3.  each heat will probably last between 10 to 20 minutes for the younger age groups and probably more for the oldest ages as they have to cover more distance. So there could be 3 heats for ages 8-9 for example, depending on how much time we have we hope to at least have all participants off the bike before we start another wave/heat for the same age group. These decisions will be made once registration is full and we see how many participants we have. 

APPROXIMATE (Tentative|Times, these will be updated the day before the race so you could be in one of 3 heats for example within a 30 minute time span)
Heat Time Ages Swim (m) Bike (m) Run (m)
Race 1 8:30 3-5 Swim 25m Bike 400m Run 400m
Race 2 8:55 6-7 Swim 25m Bike 800m Run 400m
Race 3 9:40 8-9 Swim 50m Bike 1500m Run 800m
Race 4 10:35 10-11 Swim 100m Bike 2000m Run 1200m
Race 5 11:00 12-13 Swim 150m Bike 2500m Run 1600m
Race 6 11:25 14-15 Swim 200m Bike 3000m Run 2000m

An email will be sent out closer to the event to advise of updated times.  If in doubt arrive early in the morning and cheer on the other athletes.  The pool will be open throughout the morning to swim before and after the event.  

4.  WHAT TO BRING: swim goggles if required, water wings or a flotation device if required, bike, helmet, some kind of shoes to run, sunglasses if required, a piece of clothing to cover the torso.

We had a blast last year.  To see some of the photos, visit our Facebook album at

5.  Since we are a volunteer, non profit group, if there is inclement weather (something that leads to a power failure and the pool is shut down) we will switch to a duathlon (run/bike/run), if we can't bike for some reason we will have a run event.  if there is a hurricane or a large lightning storm we might have to postpone the event to another weekend day.  If the event is unable to take place, we will not be offering refunds, it is too costly (without even considering the time and effort).  The towels will already be paid for and we will try to get them delivered to you (although mailing out all towels to participants would be cost prohibitive).  We will do everything in our power to make this event a go, this is our flagship event and biggest one of the season.  We just wanted to state this in writing.  The last 5 years the weather was fantastic.

our sponsors 
Bike Monkey

Colchester Recreation

Truro Parks Recreation and Culture

Registration fees

Age 14 to 15 Closed

Age Group 14 and 15

  1. $20.00
    Aug 2 - Aug 18

Age 12 to 13 Closed

Age Group 12 and 13

  1. $20.00
    Aug 2 - Aug 18

Age 10 to 11 Closed

Age Group 10 and 11

  1. $20.00
    Aug 2 - Aug 18

Age 8 to 9 Closed

Age Group 8 to 9

  1. $20.00
    Aug 2 - Aug 18

Ages 6 to 7 Closed

Age Group 6 to 7

  1. $20.00
    Aug 2 - Aug 18

Ages 3 to 5 Closed

Age Group 3 to 5

  1. $20.00
    Aug 2 - Aug 18

Additional INFO

Please come back soon for updates!

Event Schedule

  • August 18 7:45 AM ADT - Registration Begins

  • August 18 8:30 AM ADT - First Heat Begins 3-5 year olds

  • August 18 8:30 AM ADT - other heats will be announced the day before the event when we know actual registration numbers but

  • August 18 8:55 AM ADT - First Heat Begins 6-8 year olds

  • August 18 9:40 AM ADT - First Heat Begins 8-9 year olds

  • August 18 10:35 AM ADT - First Heat Begins 10-11 year olds

  • August 18 11:00 AM ADT - First Heat Begins 12-13 year olds

  • August 18 11:25 AM ADT - First Heat Beings 13-14 year olds

Contact Information

Event Location

Victoria Park Pool, Park Road, Truro, NS, Canada

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