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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Kerine Gawley Paris, ON 5K Adult $300.00
Charlotte McCord Cambridge, ON 5K Adult $245.00
Jennifer Smith Cambridge, ON 5K Adult $200.00
Anne Cadoret Cambridge, ON 5K Adult $175.00
Laura Giasson Stratford, ON 5K Adult $100.00
Mary Mitchell Cambridge, ON 2.5K Adult $100.00
Scott Haines Cambridge, ON 5K Adult $100.00
Robyn Cadwell Drumbo, ON 5K Adult $75.00
Scott Mitchell Cambridge, ON 2.5K Adult $75.00
Brenda Weiss Waterloo, ON 5K Adult $50.00
Camden Wood Cambridge, ON 2.5K Child $50.00
Dawn May Cambridge, ON 2.5K Adult $50.00
Kelly Yerxa Cambridge, ON 5K Adult $50.00
Mary Jo Lockwood Cambridge, ON 2.5K Adult $50.00
Paige Gallagher Priceville, ON 5K Adult $50.00
Shelley Vossen Waterloo, ON 2.5K Adult $50.00
Bruce Tunnicliffe Cambridge, ON 5K Adult $25.00
Christine Hildred Waterloo, ON 2.5K Adult $25.00
Mary Louise Kozak Oakville, ON 5K Adult $5.00
Adam Tunnicliffe Cambridge, ON 5K Adult $0.00
Adam McClure Stratford, ON 5K Adult $0.00
Adrian Orso Kitchener, ON 5K Adult $0.00
Aedan Hildred Gnitzinger Waterloo, ON 2.5K Child $0.00
Alice Fraser Waterloo, ON 2.5K Child $0.00
Amanda Hutchings Cambridge, ON 5K Adult $0.00

Event Location

Chaplin Family YMCA, Hespeler Road, Cambridge, ON, Canada

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