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Pacific Association USATF Cross Country Championships 2018
RACE POSTPONED to 11/25/18, register day of race, online is now closed, all other race details remai

Come out and run the Pacific Association XC Champs on Sunday, 11/18/2018    NEW DATE: 11/25/18

Race POSTPONED exactly one week because of Bad Air Quality


Eucalpytus and Pine Trees

Registration fees

Women's Open & Masters 4M Closed

9:00 am start

  1. $30.00

    Online pricing ending midnight Weds Nov 14, race day $35 cash/check

    Oct 30 - Nov 14

Men's Masters 40+ 6M Race Closed

9:45 am start

  1. $30.00

    Online pricing ending midnight Weds Nov 14, race day $35 cash/check

    Oct 30 - Nov 14

Open Men's 6M Closed

11:00 am start

  1. $30.00

    Online pricing ending midnight Weds Nov 14, race day $35 cash/check

    Oct 30 - Nov 14

Team Meeting Locations

Set up on the outsides of Lindley Meadow.  First come, first served on the picnic tables.  Clean up and leave immaculate afterwards, please.  Canopies OK, but do not stake anything, bring buckets of cement if you think you need to tie your canopy down. (Wind is minimal in meadow, it's protected on 4 sides with trees).  Or bring 2.5 gallons of water, the pouring jugs you can get at Safeways, which are pretty heavy, and if it isn't windy, you have a ready source of water... 


 Best to go along Fulton Street along the N side of the park, then turn S into Golden Gate Park at 30th Avenue (there is a stoplight at this intersection).  DO NOT PARK ON 30th AVENUE INSIDE THE PARK! (It's too narrow). Park on either side of Kennedy Drive near this intersection, N of the meadow. Area right near start/finish/registration will be blocked off for official use only, please park elsewhere, outside the delineators or cones that reserve the 50 yard stretch of Kennedy Drive just N of the registration tables.  We tuck official trucks there... and unload heavy stuff to make the race work well. 

Mail-in registrations

Send to Homer Chan, Cross Country Registrar, 874 Filbert Street, San Francisco, CA 94133, pay to "SF Running", mail so that registration will arrive by Wedneday, November 14, 2018.  Please, please don't be late, it really complicates registration.  No names on bibs this year, it made numbers too small to see for timers.  If you are on COMP LIST, write "COMP RUNNER" on paper registration form and Registrar Homer Chan will OK your free entry. 

Race Day Registrations

After Wednesday, November 14, mail-in and on-line registration are CLOSED (have mail arrive by 11/14), please simply pay event day by cash or check ("SF Running").  Race day fee is $35. Exact cash is greatly appreciated, rather than requiring change...  Pick up registrations at Start/Finish near 30th Avenue and Kennedy Drive, it's usually the western-most table at registration.  COMP athletes needed to register online or by mail to get free entry race day.

COMPed Athletes

Top runners from last year's GP earned free entry into the whole 2018 GP XC Series, including this race.  A list of these fast folks is on the PA XC info pages.  If you are one of those folks, please signup online by Wednesday, Nov 14 before midnight.   Free entry cannot be given race day, you must be pre-registered by 11/14, and online if at all possible. To get code that gets you free online entry, email: and indicate you want comp bib, code will be sent back to you, you can use code in the payment area under PROMO CODES in online registration form.  Voila! You will be in! Free entry for consistently running fast!


Portable toilets are located W of Registration along Kennedy Drive on dirt, about 50 yards from 30th Ave.  There are also public restrooms at the N tunnel to the Polo Fields, and in the middle of Hellman Hollow, E of the start.  If line at portables is long... check the other two close locations.  (There are also restrooms at the S Tunnel, but that is farther away than the two options above). 

Event Schedule

  • November 18 9:00 AM PST - Women's Open & Masters (40+) 4M (2 loops)

  • November 18 9:45 AM PST - Men's Masters 40+ Race 6M (3 Loops)

  • November 18 11:00 AM PST - Open Men's 6M (3 loops)

Contact Information

Event Location

Lindley Meadow, Kennedy Drive at 30th Avenue, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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