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Name Leader Members Raised Action
The Little D's Join team Jill Duffy Jill Duffy, Madison Duffy, Greg Freed, Sarah Freed, Joe Freed $105.44
Moxie Luv Join team Ann Eddy Ann Eddy, Scott Eddy $52.72
4Beba Join team Amy Hamilton Amy Hamilton, Max Hamilton $47.45
PaytonPlace Join team Carol Payton Carol Payton, Steven Payton, Chelsea Reichhard, Robert Reichhard $26.36
Love me some Skittles Join team David Allen David Allen, Jada Allen $10.54
$Waggers Join team Samantha McCasland Samantha McCasland, Alan King $0.00
AZ Pet Stylist Join team Kay Richmond Kay Richmond, Lee Lambert, Jennifer Lambert, Letanya Lambert $0.00
Bowie’s Buddies Join team Sandy Laird Sandy Laird $0.00
Cash Join team Michelle Fox Michelle Fox, Dan Fox, Trinity Fox, Holly McEwen, Melody Fletcher $0.00
Kish Brothers Join team Alex Kish Alex Kish, Dylan Kish, Meghan Kish $0.00

Event Location

101 W Baseline Rd, Tempe

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