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Name Leader Members Raised
Bad Girls Do Good Things Susan Platner Susan Platner, Debra Christensen, Bradley Oswood, Julie Ernst $75.00
Anderkin Squad Stella Stacey Stella Stacey, Katie Stacey $0.00
Crossman Clan Rachael Crossman Rachael Crossman, Wade Crossman, Kathryn Montoya, Ray Montoya, Emily Montoya $0.00
Daddy/daughter duo Debbie Burrows Debbie Burrows, Daniel Burrows $0.00
Frederick Fam Nicole Frederick Nicole Frederick, Lindsey Frederick, Michelle Frederick, Louise Tonozzi-Frederick $0.00
Hip Hop Hippy Hop Ashley Coulter Ashley Coulter, Olivia Winkler, Skyla Robinson, Rachael Long, Suzanne Skotheim $0.00
Hustle and Hydrate Breanna Graichen Breanna Graichen, Joann Graichen, Andria Parra, Kisha Mondragon, Sonia Parra, Trish Dodd, Alisa Parra, Payton Brazil $0.00
J&M Painting Michelle Goss Michelle Goss, Grayson Goss, Nicole Castillo, Joshua Goss $0.00
Nuclear Family Jennifer Brauss Jennifer Brauss, Maiya Brauss, Jack Brauss, Sonja Brauss, Stephen Brauss, Maiya Brauss, Jack Brauss, Sonja Brauss, Stephen Brauss $0.00
QP Dolls Mary Culver Mary Culver, Quinn Culver, Briana Culver, Roger Harris, Matthew Culver, Mark Culver, Jordan Thompson $0.00

Event Location

8866a West Thunderbird Road, Peoria, AZ, USA

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