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Race to 2025
Silk Road Ascent (SRA), Asia

Extreme adventure with eternal impact: it could change your life! Are you willing to take the risk?

Wycliffe Bible Translators has a vision: “To see Bible translation in progress, in every language that needs it, by the year 2025.” Since 2007, Wycliffe's Race to 2025 has helped 657 young Canadians embrace that vision by helping to raise in excess of $762,800 for Bible translation and related ministries in Africa, Asia and North and South America. These adventure fundraising events, held annually in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, bridge the adrenaline rush of adventure sport young Canadians crave and the extreme adventure to which Jesus calls His Church—to make disciples of all nations. 

By raising funds and competing in Race to 2025 your team helps:
Translate Scripture and Scripture resources
Teach literacy
Engagement in language development
Encourage Scripture-use

When: February 15 - 17, 2019 (Alberta Family Day Weekend)
Where: Frontier Lodge, Nordegg, Alberta, Canada

$240.00/person = $960.00/team until midnight Nov 18, 2018
$270.00/person = $1,080.00/team until midnight Dec 31, 2018
$290.00/person = $1,160.00/team until midnight Feb 14, 2019

Read or download Registration Instructions

• Your team commits to raise a minimum of $2,000/team ($500/racer)

• Great prizes are awarded for 'most money raised', 'first place' and 'linguistics challenge champions'!

Join us and make a difference as a participant, volunteer, donor or corporate sponsor.

Registration fees

Race to 2025: Silk Road Ascent (SRA), Asia Closed

Registration closed
  • Classic Two-Day Mountain Adventure Challenge (Intermediate fitness level required.)

    1. Registration closed

Enjoy a challenging and epic weekend in the Alberta Rocky Mountains and raise funds for the Silk Road Ascent

Imagine living with...

  • Illiteracy
  • No Scripture in your mother tongue
  • Persecution for Christian beliefs
  • Poverty


In this tumultuous part of West Asia, community development and Bible translation have long been thought of as impossible tasks.  Yet—against all odds—faithful workers are persevering.

As a partner with Silk Road Ascent, you can partner with local people near the ancient Silk Road in Asia. Join with us to bolster language development, Bible translation, multilingual education and Scripture engagement among struggling Christians. Wycliffe is currently focusing on three language projects with far-reaching impact. Additionally, a training institute is helping equip local translators to translate Scripture and biblical resources into their mother tongue.

Impact of the Word

“We know that multilingual education is the way to help our communities become literate and preserve our language….” explains one SRA staff member who grew up in the area.

A mother came to a teacher at a multilingual school and told her, “You are like an angel who comes to open the eyes of our children who now are learning what is right and wrong. They are taking interest in learning . . . we want to keep the school going so other children can benefit from it too.”

Multilingual education enables children to learn to read and write in their mother-tongue first, before transitioning to regional/national languages. This has been proven to give youth the foundation they need to succeed at school in every language.

“You’ll get to immerse yourself in a world of adventure that will get you thinking beyond yourself and beyond your borders. It has the potential to impact you and others and for eternity.” - Matthew Blacklock, past race participant

Join us February 15-17, 2019 to raise funds 

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $42,000.

Top Teams


Los Cantantes

Raised: $4,660.71


The Silk Runners






Raised: $4,514.98

Top Fundraisers


Justin Finke

Raised: $2,311.70


John Vooys

Raised: $2,008.63


Melissa MacDonald

Raised: $1,293.03

Event Schedule

  • February 15 7:00 PM MST - Arrival and registration

  • February 15 7:30 PM MST - Evening Activities

  • February 16 7:00 AM MST - All day racing

  • February 16 6:00 PM MST - Evening Activities

  • February 17 7:00 AM MST - All day racing

  • February 17 5:30 PM MST - Closing session & awards

  • February 17 7:00 PM MST - Departure

Contact Information

Event Location

Frontier Lodge, Nordegg, AB, Canada

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