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Name Leader Members
Base Administration Join team Elysia Allen Elysia Allen, Matthew Carlson
CANFLTPAC HQ Join team Mike Umbach Mike Umbach, Tyler Umbach
Ceevacs Join team Brenda Niziol Brenda Niziol, Joe Niziol, Jim Silvester
HMCS EDMONTON Join team Pascale Masse-Lefebvre Pascale Masse-Lefebvre
MARPAC HQ Join team Lori Watkins Lori Watkins, Jeffrey Watkins, ELLEN MARIANO, Jessica Lamshoeft
NPTG HQ Join team Charles Kuyper Charles Kuyper
Prairie Inn Harriers Join team Christine Thate Christine Thate, Leah Vininsky-Oakes, Dee Ogden
RPOPS Join team Alyana St-Amour Alyana St-Amour, Dan St-Amour
The Brits are coming! Join team Rebecca Millard Rebecca Millard, Jeremy Millard

Event Location

CFB Esquimalt, Esquimalt, BC, Canada

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