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Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon 2019
Six-Leg Relay and 5K

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The Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon is in its XXXVII year of historic existence. Our certified course is flat and undulating and will traverse approximately five communities towards the capital, Port of Spain and the largest Round-A-Bout in the World, the Queen's Park Savannah. The Marathon Festival Weekend is a three (3) race event encapsulating Trinidad and Tobago’s multicultural society where runners meet and socialize. Runners can experience the Spirit of Carnival during their stay, and enjoy the experience of some of the best cultural foods in the World, making the perfect destination holiday for friends and family in the warm Caribbean. “TTIM - Keeping distance running Alive"

*Medals for all finishers*

*Reusable water bottles for all marathoners*

Registration fees

Marathon - International Closed

Registration closed
  • USD

    1. $90.00
      Jul 23 – Oct 31
    2. $100.00
      Nov 1 – Jan 14

Marathon- Early Start (3:30) - International Closed

Registration closed
  • USD- Participant must take over 4.45 hrs to complete the distance to register (Does not qualify for prizes)

    1. $90.00
      Jul 23 – Oct 31
    2. $100.00
      Nov 1 – Jan 14

Marathon - Local Closed

Registration closed
  • USD - Trinidad & Tobago Residents

    1. $45.00
      Jul 23 – Oct 31
    2. $50.00
      Nov 1 – Jan 14

Marathon- Early Start (3:30) - Local Closed

Registration closed
  • USD-Participant must take over 4.45 hrs to complete the distance to register- Trinidad & Tobago Residents (Does not qualify for prizes)

    1. $45.00
      Jul 23 – Oct 31
    2. $50.00
      Nov 1 – Jan 14

TTIM Kiss National 5K Closed

Registration closed
  • USD (includes Tee Shirt)

    1. $15.00
      Jul 23 – Oct 31
    2. $17.00
      Nov 1 – Jan 14

Six-Leg Relay (Open must have 1 Youth Under 20 and 1 Master over 40) Closed

Registration closed
  • USD (6 person team) Cost is per participant- Please indicate team name and category

    1. Closed
      Jul 23 – Jul 23
    2. $28.00
      Jul 23 – Oct 31
    3. $30.00
      Nov 1 – Jan 14

Alternate Registration

For those athletes who absolutely are unable to register online, and who have an RBC account, can register via the RBC bank.

Deposit fees in TTD to RBC bank account # 100011012257855 ino Trinidad and Tobago Marathon.

Collect your receipt then present or scan and forward to Jason, at All Sport Promotions. ( or

You will be provided with a promo code which must be used to enter your personal information into the Race Roster TTIM 2019 portal.  

You are NOT registered until you COMPLETE this entry and get a confirmation email.

Remember the easiest way to register is to do it online. Ask a family member or friend to assist.

Contact Jason @ 628 3760 for more information.


Thank you for registering for the 2019 TTIM Festival of Events

Package Collection will take place on:

Wednesday January 23, 2019 - 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Thursday January 24, 2019 -  9:00 AM to 6:00 PM    OR  

Saturday January 26, 2019 from 12:30 pm at White Hall

Collection point is The Secretariat, ALL SPORT PROMOTIONS Office, 48 Ana Street, Woodbrook.

Participants must walk with confirmation letter and form of ID to collect.

If collecting for a friend, you must also have a copy of their ID

If you are unable to Collect Thursday, Collection can NOW be done on Saturday from 12:30 PM 

Special arrangements will be made for International athletes arriving on weekend.

Contact: The Office for any details 628 3760


Exhibitors are invited to display their product /brands at the Festival Village over the three day schedule to runners and spectators;   One (1) 10x10 Tent, one (1) table and two (2) chairs OR One 20x20 Tent,  (1) table and three (3) chairs





Relay School Sign up

Register via the Team Registration option OR Contact for details of Race Summons.

Course Maps

TTIM Marathon

(Click the link to view)

TTIM National 5K & One Lap Savannah for Six-Leg Relay

Thank you to our sponsors



Event Schedule

  • January 25 5:30 PM AST - International Pre-Race Gathering

  • January 25 5:30 PM AST - Six-Leg Relay Start

  • January 26 4:00 PM AST - 5k Start

  • January 27 3:30 AM AST - Marathon Early Start (Does not qualify for prizes)

  • January 27 5:00 AM AST - Marathon Official Start

  • January 27 7:30 AM AST - Post Race Village Party

Contact Information

Event Location

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Click here to view map