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Total raised
$6,629.00 Goal: $5,000.00

Your donations support people from 40+ countries, many first nations, all walks of life, and every generation. Our neighbours, participants and volunteers collaborate with staff to develop community-led initiatives that help folks make the most of life in our Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, by building capacity for leadership from the ground up.

Team members

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Winnie Tam

Raised: $1,868.00

YarOn Stern

Raised: $925.00

Jocelyne Hamel

Raised: $775.00

Sherifa Azzab

Raised: $665.00

Millie Martinez

Raised: $535.00

Abilee Danielson

Raised: $525.00

Carmen Contreras

Raised: $440.00

Vicky Li

Raised: $320.00

Jenni Sheppard

Raised: $205.00

Jenny Van Enckevort

Raised: $186.00

Team leader

Claudine Matlo

Raised: $70.00

Greg Edgelow

Raised: $0.00

Jia Yin Huang

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Jun 24 Maha Abdelhamid $25.00
Jun 23 Mohamed Elsayed $15.00
Jun 23 Thanh Lam $25.00
Jun 23 Thanh Lam $25.00
Jun 23 Susan Ma $50.00
Jun 22 Edwin Lim $25.00
Jun 22 Lisa Liu $25.00
Jun 22 Agnes Law $200.00
Jun 22 Fanny Leung $50.00
Jun 22 Amy Chan $50.00