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Race Roster

The ENDURrun 2019

 The 17th ENDURrun


 August 11-18, 2019

Registration fees

Ultimate 4 spots remaining

Individual. Price includes tax.

    1. CA$450.00
      Aug 16 - Jan 31
    2. CA$525.00
      Feb 1 - Apr 30
    3. CA$600.00
      May 1 - Jul 30
    4. CA$675.00
      Jul 31 - Aug 11

Relay Runner

Individual members for all Relay Teams. Total Relay Team price is 7x the current Relay Runner price. Through this purchase, any runner can purchase additional member spots, and will receive that number of promo codes for their teammates to register at no transactional cost. Each Ultimate has one free entry to one Relay. Limit one team per Ultimate, and limit one Ultimate per team. A team is not considered registered until all seven spots are filled. Relay Team cap in 20 in 2019.

    1. CA$60.00
      Aug 16 - Jan 31
    2. CA$70.00
      Feb 1 - Apr 30
    3. CA$80.00
      May 1 - Jul 30
    4. CA$90.00
      Jul 31 - Aug 11

Registration Policy

All entries are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-deferrable. There are no exceptions once a person has registered.

If Ultimate sells out, we will update this policy to account for withdrawals.

Charity of your Choice

Although the two free spots are full, all Ultimate participants can still fundraise for a charity through The ENDURrun. Contact Lloyd to set it up on Race Roster.

If you are motivated to run The ENDURrun to support a charity of personal significance, we would love to help. With a minimum pledge total of $2,000 to a registered charity of your choice, The ENDURrun will refund your entry fee. This opportunity is available for only 2 participants: Sharon Ditner and Chris Mintz. More information here.  

Please support Sharon Ditner and Chris Mintz in their fundraising efforts!

8 Days, 7 Stages, 160 KM, One Tough Runner

Any changes to rules, courses, awards, etc. for 2019 will be finalized by August 1, 2019.



The sponsors recognized on this entry form have generously contributed financial support, products and/or services to The ENDURrun and we encourage your ongoing support of these generous companies and organizations.


 Saucony  Runners Choice

 M&T  Michael Hewitson  Shoppers Drug Mart  

 kw health connection  5a2ded69ab442.jpg

Staebler  PoliceREACT

Event Schedule

  • August 10 5:00 PM EDT - Social/Kit Pick Up 5:00 pm - Pre-race meeting 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

  • August 11 8:00 AM EDT - Stage 1 Start

  • August 12 8:00 AM EDT - Stage 2 Start (start times vary as this is a Time Trial with participants starting one minute apart)

  • August 13 8:00 AM EDT - Stage 3 Start

  • August 14 6:00 PM EDT - Stage 4 Start

  • August 16 8:00 AM EDT - Stage 5 Start

  • August 17 8:00 AM EDT - Stage 6 Start (start times vary as this is a Time Trial with participants starting one minute apart)

  • August 18 6:00 AM EDT - Stage 7 Early Start (Mandatory for participants expecting to run 4:30 or slower)

  • August 18 7:30 AM EDT - Stage 7 Start

  • August 18 12:00 PM EDT - Awards (we strongly encourage you to arrange your travel plans to allow you to participate).

Contact Information

Event Location

Conestogo, ON, Canada

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