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Five Fifty Program

Support mental health by doing a 5k each day for 50 days. Run, walk, bike, swim, kayak, elliptical….whichever method you would like. Do it in the same place every day or choose a different location – it doesn’t matter. You can even do a different activity each day. Just complete a 5k every day for 50 consecutive days. 

There is no registration fee for this, but we ask that all participants fund raise a minimum of $250, all of which will go to the Five Fifty Fifty Run/Walk for Mental Health organization in our efforts to make the world a better place for those suffering from mental illness.

All participants will get a shirt for raising $250, and you can earn additional rewards by raising more money. 

Level 1: $250 to $499 - shirt

Level 2: $500 to $999 – shirt & hooded sweatshirt

Level 3: $1,000 to $1,499 – shirt, hooded sweatshirt and $100 Amazon gift card

Level 4: $1,500 and up – shirt, hooded sweatshirt and $200 Amazon gift card

Registration fees

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  1. Sign Up and Fundraise (minimum $250)
    Jan 14 - Dec 31

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