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Name Location Sub-event
Aaron Grant Kitchener, ON 50k Run
Aaron Maksym Guelph, ON 50k Run
Adam Griffin Waterloo, ON 12.5K Run
Adam Brock Seattle, WA 12.5K Run
Adam McKenzie Burlington, ON 12.5k Walk
Adrian Peters Hamilton, ON 25k Run
Adrienne Sinden Oakville, ON 50k Run
Adrienne Farrell kitchener, ON 25k Run
Aileen Coyle Kitchener, ON 12.5K Run
AJ Priester Elmira, ON 12.5K Run
Akeel Ghaib Oakville, ON 25k Run
Alan Swankie Oakville, ON 25k Run
Alana Armstrong Oakville, ON 25k Run
Albanie Douglas Guelph, ON 12.5K Run
Aldo Bellon Laval, QC 25k Run
Alex Ross East York, ON 50k Run
Alex Murie Toronto, ON 50k Run
Alex McCann Ridgeway, ON 50k Run
Alexandra Beauchamp Ottawa, ON Toad Pals
Alexandra Winkler Cambridge, ON 12.5K Run
Alice Newman Waterloo, ON Toad Pals
Alicia D'Ariano London, ON 25k Run
Alida Hesselink Moorefield, ON 12.5K Run
Alina Reid Dundas, ON 25k Run

Event Location

Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area, Pinehurst Road, Ayr, ON, Canada

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