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Name Location Sub-event Raised
John Martin Surrey, CA 10KM $1,510.38
Ella & Elly Doggies Vancouver, CA 5KM $1,305.73
Lynn Blackburn Vancouver, CA 5KM $291.62
Carmen Marin Surrey, CA 10KM $270.65
Alicia Ellis Vancouver, CA 10KM $237.93
Noah Ford Maple Ridge, CA 10KM $216.39
Gaelle Thomas Vancouver, CA 10KM $161.96
Annette Thompson Surrey, CA 5KM $161.16
Amanda Brackett Vancouver, CA 10KM $159.38
Chrissy Turner Vancouver, CA 10KM $154.31
Craig Slagel Vancouver, CA 5KM $136.22
April Strickland Burnaby, CA 2KM $132.72
Richard James Delta, CA 5KM $130.20
Jaymee Ho Richmond, CA 5KM $129.46
Noah Banal West Vancouver, CA 2KM $126.42
Kaitlyn Banal West Vancouver, CA 2KM $122.80
Sandra Doaga Richmond, CA 10KM $110.40
Ellen Liu Vancouver, CA 2KM $107.72
Pamela Heath Abbotsford, CA 2KM $107.72
Rose Morrison Nanaimo, CA Virtual Run - run anywhere in the world! ($10 donation) $107.72
Maggie Chuang Burnaby, CA 10KM $105.53
Margaret Martin Richmond, CA 5KM $104.31
Sylvia Philipps Vancouver, CA 5KM $72.12
Ian MacKinnon Vancouver, CA 5KM $54.31
Lori French Vancouver, CA 5KM $54.31

Event Location

1151 Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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