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Help Lourdes raise money

For participating in RunGo Dash for Dogs

Total raised
$54.31 Goal: $200.00

My Story…

There’s this one time I stumbled upon a show on TV about Guide Dogs, the training they undergo and the amount of work humans put into training them to be guide dogs and it just amazed me. I know that by showing and giving support to our awesome guide dogs we are also helping humans who are in need of guide dogs and I’d like to help them help more people.

Not only will the walk be enjoyable as the venue will be at the beautiful and famous Stanley Park, but I know 100% of the money will go towards my fave furry animal who also support humans in need of their help.

If you are a dog lover like myself and would like to join me at the race sign up and join me 😃 or you are more than welcome to donate to my fundraising page to show your support for my run that also works❤️

For the love of our furry four-legged companions <3 Thanks for all your support!

Recent donors

Nov 14 Lourdes Ocampo My heart goes to all these awesome four-legged human companions $54.31