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Name Leader Members
Caradoc Dentistry Join team Dr. Max Kemmerling Dr. Max Kemmerling, Joanie Mckinley
Faster than a snail Join team Christine Boersma Christine Boersma
Herrington Excavating Join team Alli Herrington Alli Herrington, Lee Herrington, Ernie Herrington, Mary Herrington, Leanne Regier, Taylor Langlois, Alex MacDermid, Judy Westendorp, Stacey Slegers, Katelyn Vandeneynden
Johnson Clan Join team Dennis Johnson Dennis Johnson, Sawyer Johnson, Lia Johnson
Swoboda Join team Jonathan Swoboda Jonathan Swoboda
Vandenberg Join team Hubert Vandenberg Hubert Vandenberg, Max Vandenberg, Mason Vandenberg

Event Location

Watford Arena, Watford, ON, Canada

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