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4th Annual Edmonton Oil Cup
Powerlifting and Bench-Only


The 4th Annual Edmonton Oil Cup will take place at Evolve Strength South in Edmonton. This event is a staple in the Edmonton region and we are looking at another great year. Evolve is a massive facility which will allow our athletes the most comprehensive warm-up room and spacious competition area including 4  IPF approved racks, 15+ competition bars and thousands of kilos. 

This event is an open meet, which means everyone is welcome to compete. All you need is a CPU membership, which can be purchased here:

The event will crown who the strongest men and women are at the Oil Cup. Last year, the event filled in two weeks, so sign up asap!

The Official Sponsors for this event are:


Smartlifts (

Skwot Binch Didlift (


Inner Strength Products (

Evolve Strength South (

JH Media (

KAC Consulting (

Strongarm Sport (

Adaptive Strength and Nutrition (

Registration fees

Powerlifting Closed

Powerlifting Event - Squat, Bench, and Deadlift No Refunds

  1. $120.00
    Dec 1 - Mar 9

Bench-Only Closed

Bench-Only Event, No Refunds.

  1. $120.00
    Dec 1 - Mar 9

Competing Information

These are the requirements needed prior to competing at this year's 4th Annual Edmonton Oil Cup!

- Have a valid and active CPU membership card.

- Have a valid CCES True Sport Clean course completed.

- Meet the IPF Approved Equipment list.

Contact Information

Event Location

4825 89 St NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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