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Raise money for Racing Hearts

The top 100 individual fundraisers will be awarded a goodie bag! Thank you to our sponsors: Patagonia, Whole Foods, Watercourse Way, YogaSource, and Palo Alto Firefighters Pepper Sauce. 

The top 4 individual fundraisers will be awarded one of two gifts: YogaSource 5-class pass ($115 value) or Watercourse Way Gift Card ($100 value)

Why donate to the 2019 Racing Hearts 5k/10k? 

Our primary goal this year is to purchase life saving heart defibrillators (AEDs) and place them in all East Palo Alto Patrol Cars.  When time is critical, our first responders need access to these devices.  

About the Racing Hearts organization: 

 - We are a California nonprofit based out of the San Francisco Bay Area

 - To date we have placed over 800 AEDs increasing the heart safety of over 1.7M people

 - To date we have documented 8 AED saves - impacting the lives of their family, loved ones and community! 

 - Pioneered CA Senate Bill SB 658, signed by Governor Brown September 2015

 - Pioneered CA Senate Bill 1397, signed by Governor Brown September 2018

Racing Hearts focuses our mission with low income underserved populations as studies have shown this distinction correlates with higher obesity and less consistent access to healthcare. 

Why heart health matters:  

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can strike anyone at anytime.  According to the American Red Cross, about 350,000 Americans die of SCA each year, that’s almost 800 American’s per day - one death nearly every two minutes. Help support education and access to life saving heart defibrillators (AEDs) and together we can see more lives saved and that everyone has a chance to live a full and active life.  

Please help us fundraise! 

In addition to making a donation today, you can ask your family and friends to pledge additional funds when you walk or run.   Click here for fundraising next steps


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information

The Pace Makers

Raised: $1,675.00

Heart Beats

Raised: $1,100.00

The Barkers

Raised: $1,025.00

Life Savers

Raised: $1,020.00


Raised: $510.00

Team Awesome

Raised: $350.00

Coastside Beats

Raised: $295.00

Team Carlo

Raised: $110.00


Raised: $100.00


Raised: $100.00

HeartFit For Life

Raised: $100.00

Leilani’s Ohana

Raised: $50.00

Walky Talky

Raised: $50.00


Raised: $50.00

Team Leopards

Raised: $30.00


Raised: $30.00


Raised: $25.00


Raised: $25.00

MiaSole Hi-Tech

Raised: $25.00


Raised: $25.00


Raised: $25.00

Urine Trouble

Raised: $21.98


Raised: $10.00


Raised: $10.00

Got Heart (and Lizards)

Raised: $5.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Mar 24 Kenna Baudin Wishing you a wonderful run and God’s continued blessings! $50.00
Mar 24 Ravi Mulani $50.00
Mar 24 Kimberley Wong $100.00
Mar 23 Conor Johnston $25.00
Mar 23 Natalie & Allon Katz $25.00
Mar 23 Anonymous $25.00
Mar 23 Russ Mukai $10.00
Mar 22 Anonymous $100.00
Mar 22 Geronimo a family first $25.00
Mar 22 Anonymous Undisclosed amount