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Raise money for BC Centre for Ability

Finding out that your child has a disability can be an overwhelming experience, leaving you fearful for the future and uncertain what to do. The BC Centre for Ability helps parents see a brighter future by opening up possibilities for persons with disabilities that they never knew existed. Now you can help build that better future.  
        The Centre builds on the strengths of the children it serves so that they can live good lives and feel they belong and it’s been doing that for almost fifty years.  It partners with parents to make sure families get what they need.  The goal is to make it possible for individuals to live on their own in their communities, having friends, being active and enjoying life.
        Here’s what the Centre does. Services are tailored to what each individual needs.  They include:  physical, speech or occupational therapy; emotional or psychological counselling; help finding a job or volunteer position; doing what’s needed to thrive in day care or at school; choosing equipment and providing support to develop the skills for living independently that many other parents take for granted.
        The Centre is a leader in how it measures its success.  It uses data to track its impact and to make sure it’s continuously changing to maximize the potential of everyone it serves. Right now that includes 3500 individuals a year but the need is so much greater. There are long wait lists for many of its services.
        You can help The Centre meet the needs of more families by providing services wherever and whenever they’re needed, in more languages and with the equipment required to excel.  

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Feb 27 Amelia Liao family $50.00
Feb 26 Amelia Lo $50.00
Feb 26 Amelia Lo $50.00
Feb 26 BEV J A EVANCHU $106.83
Feb 26 Jessica Mankatala $5.35
Feb 25 Shelly Mankatala $5.35
Feb 24 Ryan Jarata $5.35
Feb 23 Kevin van Delden $50.00
Feb 22 John O'Brien $26.71
Feb 22 Anonymous Undisclosed amount