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Name Leader Members Raised
Team Clokie Daphne Clokie Daphne Clokie, Rachel Clokie, Celina Clokie $1,071.84
Sparrow Vicki Atkinson Vicki Atkinson, Linda Kuntz $65.89
Team Husar Kathy Husar Kathy Husar, Bibianna Husar-Geddes, Lucas Husar-Geddes $54.31
MicheRun Henrique Michelin Henrique Michelin, Thiago Michelin, Rovane Sabina Michelin, Vilney Jose Michelin, Tanise Persson $11.58
Dog People Timothy Colwell Timothy Colwell, Bonnie Curtis $10.00
Boersma Debbie Boersma Debbie Boersma, Michael Boersma $0.00
Catliff Family Team Kymberley Catliff Kymberley Catliff, Kevin Catliff, Julia Latuskie, Chris Catliff $0.00
Couch Potatoes Janine Root Janine Root, Liam Couch $0.00
Dylan and Sue Susan MacRae Susan MacRae, Dyaln MacRae $0.00
Fab Feet Brenda Mattman Brenda Mattman, Sebastian Mattman, Alyssia Mattman, Susanna Mattman $0.00

Event Location

Ceperley Park, Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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