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Raise money for Power To Be Adventure Therapy Society

Power To Be is an organization that inspires people living with a barrier or disability to explore their limitless abilities through inclusive adventures rooted in nature. With programs offered in Victoria and Vancouver, Power To Be helps participants build confidence in themselves and connections in their community through activities such as kayaking, canoeing, hiking, camping and more. Everyone belongs in nature and you can help turn possibility into reality.  


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Team information

Scotia Wealth Management: The Chambers Advisory Group and Holmes Portfolio Management

Raised: $21,586.67


Raised: $10,361.82

The Condo Group's Underdogs

Raised: $10,315.44

Power To Be

Raised: $8,266.48

Tough Mappers

Raised: $7,940.58

Ocean Wealth Team of PI Financial

Raised: $7,052.68

The Mortgage Group

Raised: $5,115.76

TELUS Panda’s II

Raised: $4,700.00

TELUS Panda’s I

Raised: $4,700.00

Big Bang Theory

Raised: $4,525.92

Alacrity All-Stars

Raised: $3,926.71

Campus United

Raised: $3,757.38

TD Canada Trust

Raised: $3,669.01


Raised: $3,574.98

The Truffles Group

Raised: $3,548.39

Multivista Marauders

Raised: $2,997.28

Campbell Construction Ltd

Raised: $2,756.79

The Meaty Beasts of 17 Black

Raised: $2,752.62

MDI Rain Guardians

Raised: $2,604.41

RE/MAX All Stars

Raised: $2,597.17

Here For A Porpoise

Raised: $2,595.95

The Krakens

Raised: $2,367.95

Fairmont Empress

Raised: $2,103.26

Oak Bay Marine Group II

Raised: $1,682.97

Pixel Union - Pickles & Onions

Raised: $1,553.23

Helmkin Digital

Raised: $1,549.58

Integral Group

Raised: $1,525.16

Barge and in Charge

Raised: $1,214.42

Story Fabricators

Raised: $1,051.50

Picnic Coffee

Raised: $1,026.29

Interactive Construction

Raised: $930.87


Raised: $525.73


Raised: $215.55


Raised: $31.55

The Condo Group's Finest

Raised: $31.55

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 28 Tom Berg Undisclosed amount
May 28 Michael Heavenor $10.51
May 27 Feet Banks giv'r Marauders!! $26.29
May 27 Anonymous $5,000.00
May 27 Vincent Wruck $27.33
May 27 Geoff Heather Hope you achieved a good time and had fun! $52.57
May 27 Liz Bedford Undisclosed amount
May 27 Pineby fong $52.57
May 27 Tim Stewart You go, Emily! $26.29
May 27 Anonymous $26.29