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The Sunburn Solstice Trail Run
Run with the sun on the longest day of the year!

The Summer Solstice represents the longest day of the year with 15hrs, 23minutes, 31 seconds of sun.  That's certainly a long time for the sun to be gloriously sending light our way.  Do you think that you can shine for that long as well?  How far do you think that you can run in 15:23?

Race Details:

The race will be run on a 3-4km trail loop with little elevation change, though there are a couple of very short rolling hills. The course will be a mixture of tree covered trails and open field so bring your sunscreen!  The exact course length won't be available until a couple of weeks before the race because we are going to design the course to be the best we possibly can, which means we are going to use the trails that are in the best condition and offer the most scenic options for race day.

Don't feel like racing for the entire solstice?  No problem, we have plenty of different options for you:

Full Solstice: 15:23 (Starts at 5:39am - Ends at 9:03pm)

Half Solstice: 7:43 (Starts at 1:20pm - Ends at 9:03pm)

Quarter Solstice: 3:51 (Starts at 5:12pm - Ends at 9:03pm)

Eighth Solstice: 1:55 (Starts at 7:08pm - Ends at 9:03pm)

Relay Full Solstice: 15:23 (Starts at 5:39am - Ends at 9:03pm)- For the Relay Race, teams can have up to 5 runners per team.  They can switch runners as frequently as they wish but each runner must run the full loop and all transitions must occur in the designated "relay transition area".  Each member of the team will receive a shirt and a finishing medal.  Only the top team will receive an award.  It is entirely possible for a speedy team to collectively reach 100 miles in the time provided.  Only the team captain needs to register, we will contact you closer to race day to get all of your deets!

Yeah, we know, these are weird times but they are based on the sun.  Besides, why not do something a little different?  Regardless of how far you get, it is bound to be a personal best for you since you definitely haven't raced for this exact length of time before!

All of the races are scheduled to end at sunset, which is at 9:03pm.  That means that, unless you're doing the Full Solstice, you get to sleep in!  Come early and check out our vendors, cheer on other runners, and enjoy the atmosphere!

Are you a collector of race medals?  We're not going to spoil it but you will love this one!  Participants will also get a soft-spun t-shirt:

In addition, our friends at the Canadian Trail Running Co are creating really awesome special edition race gear for all of our events this year.  You can check them out and order them online by clicking on their logo below: 

Race Site:

The Sunburn Solstice Trail Run will take place at the AMAZING Marydale Park in Mount Hope, ON.  The facility itself is beautiful and offers very close parking, scenic grounds, excellent washroom facilities, and an enormous pavilion to shelter spectators from the sun.  We are very fortunate and excited to have the opportunity to host a race here and even more excited to have the Marydale Park "One-to-One" camp program, which offers unbelievable opportunities for children with special needs, as our primary charity.  Please consider making a donation or raising funds for this great cause.  The impact we can make is substantial and close to home.

Aid Stations:

There will be an aid station with lots of goodies to keep you energized and you will pass it every few kilometres.  This is a very spectator friendly event as the runners can be viewed many times each loop.  The location is absolutely ideal for an event like this as it offers amazing facilities, which both runners and spectators will appreciate.

Stock up in between loops.  There will be water, an electrolyte drink (Skratch Labs), and all of your typical ultra running fare including sweet and salty snacks, pb and j sandwiches, potatoes, and chips.  

We will be using our re-usable EcoCups at the Sunburn Solstice Run.  They can be washed, sterilized, and re-used over 100 times and then recycled.  We are grateful to our sponsor, DKOS (, for helping us make this green initiative possible.  They are made of rigid plastic and you throw them in the receptacle after using them, just like you would with a disposable cup.  We will collect them, wash and sterilize them, and re-use them at our next event.


The charity that will benefit from this race is the C.Y.O. "One-to-One" camp program, which is an incredible cause.  The money raised will go towards sending children with disabilities to Marydale Park, where they will get to experience an incredible week at camp with 1:1 support.  The camp is fully accessible and offers campers an experience that they will forever cherish.  

Do you want to race for free?  Raise $200 or more for 'Camp Marydale' and we will refund your entry fee ($250 per relay team).  The free entry is nothing compared to how good you will feel about yourself.  The participant who raises the most money will also receive free entry into one other Happy Trails Racing event of their choice.  

Post Race Food:

We understand that people have different dietary restrictions, needs, and preferences.  Because of this, rather than include the cost of a post-race meal that you may or may not enjoy/ be able to eat, we do not include meals in our race registration fees.  However, we do our best to provide a food vendor at our races that will offer various selections so that you can choose to purchase food if you wish.  If you choose to do so, you will purchase the food directly from them and Happy Trails Racing will not benefit monetarily in any way.  We do this to give you the biggest bang for your buck and to try to enhance your experience the best that we can.

Refund Policy:

Happy Trails Racing has a new policy regarding race refunds/transfers: register with confidence knowing that you can take advantage of our early bird pricing and, if you need to back out, you can do so up to 30 days before the race with a 100% race credit that can go towards any future Happy Trails event.  It doesn't expire.  From 30 days out to 15 days out, you can back out with a 50% race credit.  Participants are also welcome to transfer their bib without any penalty up to 15 days before the race.  Please keep in mind that everything we need to order to have you at our race is done so at least 30 days out.

Registration fees

Full Solstice- 15:23 Closed

Registration closed
  • Run the Entire Solstice. That's pretty cool. 15 hours and 26 minutes of kicking butt!

    1. CA$92.60

      Early bird pricing $0.10 per minute of sunshine.

      Jan 15 – Feb 28
    2. CA$101.86

      Regular Pricing $0.11 per minute of sunshine.

      Mar 1 – May 22
    3. CA$101.86

      "What are you waiting for" price: No Race Swag

      May 22 – Jun 16

Full Solstice Relay-15:23 Closed

Registration closed
  • Run the entire 15:26 as a relay team. Sounds like a great day! We will contact you to get your team information closer to the event.

    1. CA$152.60

      Early bird pricing. Up to 5 people per team

      Jan 15 – Feb 28
    2. CA$161.86

      Regular Pricing. Up to 5 people per team.

      Mar 1 – May 22
    3. CA$161.86

      "What are you waiting for" price: No Race Swag

      May 22 – Jun 16

Half Solstice 7:48 Closed

Registration closed
  • Run with the sun for half of the time that it is up. 7 hours and 48 minutes of awesomeness.

    1. CA$70.20

      Early bird pricing $0.15 per minute of sunshine.

      Jan 15 – Feb 28
    2. CA$79.56

      Regular Pricing $0.17 per minute of sunshine.

      Mar 1 – May 22
    3. CA$79.56

      "What are you waiting for" price: No Race Swag

      May 22 – Jun 16

Quarter Solstice- 3:51 Closed

Registration closed
  • Run with the sun for 1/4 of the time it is up. 3 hours and 51 minutes of pure running bliss. What could be better?

    1. CA$57.75

      Early bird pricing $0.25 per minute of sunshine.

      Jan 15 – Feb 28
    2. CA$64.68

      Regular Pricing $0.28 per minute of sunshine.

      Mar 1 – May 22
    3. CA$64.68

      "What are you waiting for" price: No Race Swag

      May 22 – Jun 16

Eighth Solstice- 1:55 Closed

Registration closed
  • Run with the sun for 1/8 of the time that it is up. 1 hour and 55 minutes of running fun means plenty of time to hang with friends before the race!

    1. CA$46.00

      Early bird pricing $0.40 per minute of sunshine

      Jan 15 – Feb 28
    2. CA$50.60

      Regular Pricing $0.44 per minute of sunshine.

      Mar 1 – May 22
    3. CA$50.60

      "What are you waiting for" price: No Race Swag

      May 22 – Jun 16

Top Donors

# Name Amount
1 Rebecca Kruisselbrink CA$269.32
2 Brandon, Eric, James, Kathryn & Kirk CA$250.00
3 Solstice Race runner CA$108.31

Top Fundraisers


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Rebecca Kruisselbr...

Raised: CA$269.32

Event Schedule

  • June 22 5:39 AM EDT - Full Solstice (and relay)

  • June 22 1:20 PM EDT - Half Solstice

  • June 22 5:12 PM EDT - Quarter Solstice

  • June 22 7:08 PM EDT - Eighth Solstice

Contact Information

Event Location

Marydale Park, Chippewa Road East, Mount Hope, ON, Canada

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