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Name Location Sub-event
Alanna Just Garibaldi Highlands, CA 25K
Alex Guiry Squamish, CA 25K
Alexander Mackenzie North Vancouver, CA 25K
Alexis Theroux Victoria, CA 50K
Allanah Brown Vancouver, CA 25K
Alyssa Noel Squamish, CA 50K
Amanda Warboys Vancouver, CA 25K
Amber Daigle Squamish, CA 25K
Amine Testouri New westminster, CA 50K
Anders Nurmi Burnaby, CA 50K
Andrea Stinson GIBSONS, CA 25K
Andrew Smart North Vancouver, CA 25K
Angela Meredith Nanaimo, CA 25K
Anita Loy Vancouver, CA 25K
Ashley Levell Nanaimo, CA 50K
Ashley Richardson Nanaimo, CA 25K
Beth Junnila Vancouver, CA 25K
Bill Dagg Vancouver, CA 50K
Blair Hulrbut Roberts Creek, CA 25K
Bo Chew Burnaby, CA 50K
Brady Faught North Vancouver, CA 50K
Brandon Gardiner North Vancouver, CA 50K
Brian Harapnuk Vancouver, CA 50K
Brittani Chuy Pitt Meadows, CA 25K
Bruce Devereux Gibsons, CA 50K

Event Location

Cliff Gilker Park, Sunshine Coast Highway, Roberts Creek, BC, Canada

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