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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Aurora Borealis Join team Rory Mayne Rory Mayne, Alex Mayne, Henrique Carlos, Jenner Pratt $108.31
All-Stars @ Evercore Join team Michael Beaini Michael Beaini, Marisa Suriano $55.60
The Monstars Join team Rebecca Sferlazza Rebecca Sferlazza, Nathan Weir, Bernard Hau, Matt Hagen $55.60
Scooters Join team Isaac Waisberg Isaac Waisberg, Elijah Waisberg, Jennifer Waisberg, Rebecca Dickson, Amelia Dickson, John Sloan $54.63
Team Silver Join team Ella Silver Ella Silver, Jordan Silver $52.80
Connexus Runners Join team Julia Achilles Julia Achilles, CAROL LANGMAN, Rose Zacharias Meeder $27.80
Crossbow Join team Candace Cross Candace Cross, Isabella Cross-bowskill, Joanne Cross $27.80
PenguinPals Join team Julia Langlois Julia Langlois, Manfred Raffelsieper $27.80
Team awesome Join team Tessa Vandenhoek Tessa Vandenhoek, Kate Dyer $27.80
Team Khanna Le Roy Join team Madan Khanna Le Roy Madan Khanna Le Roy, India Khanna Le Roy $27.80

Event Location

Toronto Zoo, Scarborough, ON, Canada

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