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YW Calgary

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Sheltering women and their children with a safe place to begin rebuilding their lives. Many vulnerable women remain locked into a cycle of abuse because they have nowhere to go. 

The YW Sheriff King Emergency Shelter is a haven for women and their children who are fleeing family violence. It provides basic needs including food and personal items, as well as counselling and connections to resources for housing programs, legal services, and education supports. 

The goal of the Shelter is to provide safety and security and then to establish a transition plan to ensure safety and security can become a regular way of life.

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Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Mar 14 Anonymous CA$27.60
Mar 14 Rosa Serpico CA$27.60
Mar 13 Anonymous CA$11.58
Mar 11 richard allen CA$54.31
Mar 10 Anonymous CA$11.58
Mar 09 Darren Glover Move ur ass CA$107.72
Mar 09 Jodie Didow CA$27.60
Mar 09 Jodi Medveszek CA$54.31
Mar 09 Vania Chivers Good luck with the race & your fundraising goals Heather! CA$27.60
Mar 08 Calvin Isidoro CA$107.72