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Name Leader Members
Beegees Join team Graham Coppinger Brad Goshulak, Graham Coppinger
Feed Station Regulars Join team Matthew Fong Matthew Fong, Peter Verboom, Jacob Medrano, Dawn Gibbs, Dwayne Gibbs
Former, Future Prospects Join team Mark Donnelly Mark Donnelly, Jeremy Dalgliesh, Bruce Geiger, Joe Lizotte, Troy Young, Ron Damant, Jeff Bath, Chris Huebner, Brendan Hance, Mike Tanasichuk, Cameron Gilham
FranNet Join team Grant Bullington Grant Bullington
Giro di Jibroni Join team Brad Cann Brad Cann, Simon Gommerud, Oliver Gommerud, Dan Rose
Kozmech Join team Stacy Kozmech Stacy Kozmech, Kevin Kozmech, Shane Goodyear
Not Yet Over The Hill Join team Andre Roussel Andre Roussel, Heidi Rasmussen McGurk
Pathukemia Join team Mia Majorahn Mia Majorahn, Luke Szobota, Catherine Deblois, Patrick Rivard
Pedal Pushers Join team Ruth Walkley Ruth Walkley, Esther Walkley, Fred Walkley
Stangherlin Join team Marco Stangherlin Marco Stangherlin, Kareen Stangherlin

Event Location

Jasper, AB, Canada

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