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Starting lineup for the 2018 Monster Hill Challenge
Scroll down for directions, course maps and parking information. 


Registration fees

5K Registration

  1. $25.00
    Jan 10 - Apr 5

Family 2K Walk/Run

Walk or run this 2k course for fun. The mustangs of Operation Wild Horse will walk with you.

  1. $15.00
    Jan 10 - Apr 5

12 & Under 5K Registration

  1. Free
    Jan 10 - Apr 5

12 & Under 2K Registration

  1. Free
    Jan 10 - Apr 5

5K & 1K Courses

5aa464e431af1.png5K Course


Sponsors to Date: Baxter and Woodman Engineering, Home State Bank, TOBG Engraving, Inc., Peacock Graphics.  To join our sponsors, call 815-337-3101.


Part of proceeds will support Operation Wild Horse, a program under Veterans R&R, a 501©(3) providing equine therapy services to Active Duty Military and Veterans utilizing wild mustangs from Bureau of Land Management. The race start and finish line will be located at the Bull Valley Equestrian Center, headquarters of Operation Wild Horse, 605 S. Valley Hill Rd., Bull Valley, IL 60098. You are invited to stay after the race and Meet the Mustangs.

The race starts and ends at the corner of Bull Valley Road and Valley Hill Road.  Bull Valley Road is narrow and winding, and serves as a major pass-through route between surrounding cities.  It will only be closed from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.  For your safety, if you are not able to complete the 5k distance between 9:00 and 10:00 am, we ask that you choose the Walk/Run instead. 

Access and Parking

How to get to the site and where to park:  

Before 8:00 a.m.

Volunteers arrive at 6:45 a.m. and park at the stable. Early arriving participants and spectators can park along Valley Hill Road north of the intersection of Bull Valley Road. Don’t block the intersection.

Roads close at 8:00 am. Options after 8:00 am: 

Police and Volunteers will be routing traffic to the detour, so identify yourself as a race participant, volunteer or spectator when you come to the barriers at one of the entry points below. See attached map. 

1. Enter Valley Hill Road from Mason Hill Road and park along the road before you get to the barricades. 

2. Enter Valley Hill Road from Ridge Road, follow Valley Hill Road south and park along the road north of the intersection with Bull Valley Road, before the barricades.

3. Enter Bull Valley Road at Ridge Road, heading west and park along Bull Valley Road before the barricade that marks the turn-around for the 1k.

Please park parallel along the roads. Do not block the roads or resident driveways. You will be ticketed. We strongly encourage car-pooling or drop-off and pick-up by a friend or family member prior to 8:00.At approximately 10:00 a.m. the barricades will be moved and the road reopened. You may leave in any safe direction. If you are staying to Visit the Mustangs or participate in activities after the run, please move your car off the roads to the stable grounds.

Please call 815-337-3101 or email for questions or special needs parking. 

General information 

If you are parked a distance from the site, you may want to pick up your goody bag after the race, rather than carry it around or walk back to your vehicle to store it. 

Please don’t feed or touch the horses without the handler’s permission. The OWH Mustangs will be walking behind the families in the Walk/Run. These horses are gentle and well behaved, but they are horses and can be unpredictable. Do not walk up behind them. Approach the handler first. 


Event Schedule

  • April 6 8:00 AM CDT - On Site Check in & Registration

  • April 6 9:00 AM CDT - Race Start

  • April 6 11:00 AM CDT - Meet Operation Wild Horse Mustangs

Contact Information

Event Location

Bull Valley Equestrian Center, 605 S. Valley Hill Road, Bull Valley, IL, United States

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