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This 21 day project is designed to support you on your mental journey that will give your running a positive kick start for 2019!

Kick start your running in 21 days contains 21 daily activities (one a day for 21 days) designed to elevate your running and start your year in a positive mindset that will set you up for your best 2019. Each activity is accompanied by a short video from Terry Chiplin, visionary behind activacuity® and the Positive Running Movement®, with key tools and guidelines to help you complete the activity.

This project is designed to help you change your relationship with yourself as a runner! Even if you don’t have a specific running dream or goal that you’re working toward, by the end of these 21 days you will have a clearer understanding of what you really want for yourself and your running in 2019.

Here's a summary of what you will achieve in 21 days:

  • how to understand and unleash the power of your imagination and how to use it in a positive directed way 
  • find new confidence in your own abilities 
  • make bold and decisive decisions and that causes ripples through your life
  • learn how to be more playful and creative with your running
  • discover where you can start to love yourself and the profound impact this will have on your running
  • learn how to create clear intentions and then act upon them
  • change the words you use to describe yourself and notice how this changes your goals and actions
  • discover how to increase your commitment level incrementally and the effect this has on your running
  • set clear and achievable goals for yourself with an action plan for how to achieve them
  • how to amplify what you are passionate about and to minimize what you see as negative about yourself
  • all this and more, for $15, or $0.71 each day to invest to kick start your running journey for 2019!

Registration fees

Kick start my running in 21 days Closed

  1. $15.00
    Dec 21 - Jan 18

Kick start my running in 21 days - Revolution running beginner program Closed

Project access for Revolution Running beginner program members

  1. $15.00
    Dec 21 - Jan 18


Our goal is to make this project accessible for as many runners as possible. If you would like to register for this project and really can't afford it, we are happy to discuss alternate ways to get you registered. Please contact us for more details.

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114 Timber Lane, Estes Park, CO, USA

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