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Help Whitley raise money

For participating in Seize the Moment Run 2019

My Story…

Please consider donating to this run because 1 in 20 people live with epilepsy everyday. The goal of the run is to help raise awareness of epilepsy and the Epilepsy Foundation, which helps provide more information about epilepsy, support for families, and helps funds research for neurologists to discover more about what is really happening in the brain and other treatments to prevent seizures. This year, I decided to run a 10k, which is a big feat in itself. But on a personal level, I want to spread awareness and knowledge about epilepsy in any way that I can to de-stigmatize the condition that I live with daily. Any amount of contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you. #epilife

Donate to help Whitley raise money for Seize the Moment Run 2019’s fundraising campaign.


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Jan 28 Michael Jacobson Good luck, Whitley!! $27.48