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Name Location Sub-event
Aaron Matthews Wheatley, CA Sprint Triathlon
Abbey Kingdon Leamington, CA SuperSprint Tri
Abe Peters Cottam, CA 5km Run
Adela Jones Lakeshore, CA PureKids (5 & Under) Tri
Adleigh Kane Windsor, CA PureKids (5 & Under) Tri
Ainsley Ault Thorndale, CA SuperSprint Tri
Alessandra Mastronardi Leamington, CA PureKids Tri
Alex Shen Windsor, CA SuperSprint Tri
Alex Warkentin Kingsville, CA PureKids Tri
Alex Coppola leamington, CA 5km Walk
Alexander Mazza Windsor, CA PureKids Tri
Alexandra VanDooren Chatham-Kent, CA PureKids Tri
Ally Whitehead Belle river, CA PureKids Tri
Amanda Switzer London, CA Sprint Triathlon
Amber Michaluk Lakeshore, CA SuperSprint Tri
Amber Patten Windsor, CA Sprint Triathlon
Amelia Stickles Leamington, CA 5km Walk
Ana Atkinson Harrow, CA 5km Run
André Ethier Kingsville, CA PureKids Tri
Andrew Lozon Maidstone, CA Sprint Duathlon
Andrew Ault Thorndale, CA SuperSprint Tri
Andrew Unger Leamington, CA 5km Run
Andrew Bolton Richmond Hill, CA Sprint Triathlon
Angie Seguin Lakeshore, CA Sprint Triathlon
Anna Unger Leamington, CA Sprint Duathlon

Event Location

Leamington, ON, Canada

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