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Bridge to Bridge
The Toughest 4 Mile Race Between Two Cities

Since it's inaugural running in 2012, the Bridge to Bridge 4 mile race has become one of the premier running events in the area. The run starts on Water Street, outside Running Central (311 SW Water St, Floor 1, Peoria, Illinois 61602), at 7:00a, goes north to Liberty St. where a left turn takes the route two block up to Adams St, for another left turn  south to Kumpf Blvd, and another left turn onto the Bob Michel Bridge, crossing over the Illinois River.  Leaving the bridge, the route crosses River Road and enters the East Peoria River Trail to Clock Tower Drive, then crosses the East Peoria Levee District, and returns across the river to Peoria via the Cedar Street Bridge, turns north on Washington St to Harrison St, where the course turns toward the river to Water St, and finishes back at Running Central.  

Time to B2B 2019

Registration fees

4 Mile Run

Price changes in 5 months 13 days
    1. $35.00
      Now registering Dec 14 – Jul 31
    2. $40.00
      Aug 1 – Aug 31
    3. $45.00
      Sep 1 – Sep 2
    4. Closed
      Sep 2 – Sep 2

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Event Location

311 SW Water St. Peoria, IL 61602

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