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Live music, free beer and wine, snacks and more wait for you at Race Judicata®!

Registration fees

Group Payment

I am joining a team and my team captain has agreed to pay for me at a later date. Team captains will be invoiced on September 7th-8th. All registrations not paid for by the team captain by packet pickup WILL BE CANCELLED.

  1. Free
    Jan 2 - Sep 6

Pay for Myself

Price changes in 1 month 3 days
  • For registering individually or joining a team and paying for yourself.

    1. $34.00
      Now registering Jan 2 – Aug 23
    2. $39.00
      Aug 24 – Sep 6

CARA Individual Registration

Price changes in 1 month 3 days
  • Reduced rate with a valid CARA membership number.

    1. $29.00
      Now registering Jan 2 – Aug 23
    2. $34.00
      Aug 24 – Sep 6

NOW AVAILABLE: $10 Potbelly Box Lunch

Pottbelly Sandwich Shop® and Race Judicata® have partnered together to offer boxed meals this year! Potbelly Box Lunches includes sandwich classic potato chips, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and bottle water. Sandwich of choice features fresh lettuce and tomato, with mayo, mustard, and hot peppers on the side for Do-It-Yourself deliciousness. Purchase your box lunch during registration. Visit the Potbelly tent on the day of the race to pick up your meal.

Options Include:

Turkey Breast with Swiss Cheese

Smoked Ham with Swiss Cheese

Mediterranean (Veggie)Zippy Hummus, Feta Cheese, Cucumbers, Artichokes, & Roasted Red Peppers



Event Schedule

  • September 12 4:30 PM CDT - Bag Check and Registration

  • September 12 6:00 PM CDT - Registration Closed

  • September 12 6:30 PM CDT - Runner Race Start

  • September 12 6:40 PM CDT - Walker Race Start

  • September 12 8:00 PM CDT - Award Ceremony

Contact Information

Event Location

1746 N Stockton Dr, Chicago, IL 60614, USA

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