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Brains Together For a Cure

Raise money for Brains Together For a Cure

BTFC is a non-profit organization raising money for pediatric and adult brain tumor research and awareness!

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Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Fuzzy Purple

Raised: $6,874.53

Hope & Promise

Raised: $2,648.73

Helena’s Sloth Running Team

Raised: $1,397.84

Team Jimbo

Raised: $1,295.27

Team Kari

Raised: $1,186.38

D🐾 Strong

Raised: $1,183.51

Brad's Explorers

Raised: $869.92

Keri’s Klan

Raised: $700.76

Team Darst

Raised: $646.21

Brains and Beauty

Raised: $618.33

Team Greg's Wild Bunch

Raised: $530.26

Power Together for Pam

Raised: $477.49

Audrey Squad

Raised: $357.42


Raised: $340.80

Team Rosie

Raised: $319.29

Rita Mae’s Tribe

Raised: $243.89

Team Joel Rott

Raised: $243.89

Sofia Smiles

Raised: $236.85

Rainbows for Carly Jo Monahan

Raised: $188.93

Mia Princess Warrior

Raised: $154.10

Jenny’s Warriors

Raised: $52.48

Team Joe Mama

Raised: $49.63

Team Donna Brandell

Raised: $27.48

Big B

Raised: $27.48

Coming in Clutch!

Raised: $11.18

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Oct 02 Yvonne Splettstoeser $107.35
Oct 02 Nett Family $54.10
Oct 01 Catherine McNamara Undisclosed amount
Oct 01 Sarah Wenner ❤ Yvette Undisclosed amount
Oct 01 Paul & Annette Godtland In grateful memory of Dick Darst Undisclosed amount
Oct 01 Susan Gedatus Praying and wishing you well. Undisclosed amount
Oct 01 Luann Zimmerman You go Reenie!! Undisclosed amount
Oct 01 Anonymous $54.10
Oct 01 Connie Trentor Praying, my friend! What a difficult journey 🙁 $80.73
Oct 01 Amy Seifert $107.35