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Stadium Blitz - Southern Methodist University
Gerald J. Ford Stadium | Dallas, TX

Introducing Stadium Blitz! The hottest, new point-based obstacle course race where you can compete against the clock or against other teams. 

Our Stadium Blitz Tour Launch takes place the evening of Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Southern Methodist University’s Gerald J. Ford Stadium! Ages seven and up are welcome to come test their athletic ability on one of three levels of obstacles: RACEHUSTLEBLITZ. Point values are determined by the level of difficulty and are collected when you successfully complete the obstacle. 

See below for additional information on Stadium Blitz!

Registration fees

Stadium Blitz General Registration Closed

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Stadium Blitz Student Registration Closed

  • STUDENT Registration ONLY! (MUST provide a VALID Student ID upon arrival at the Event)

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Are you ready to Get Blitz?!

The RACE route is for everyone and all five RACE obstacles must be completed. The RACE route will give you a behind-the-scene view of Gerald J Ford Stadium, Morrison-Bell Track and Moody Coliseum. You will traverse several levels of each venue and go to areas only previously accessible by student athletes. 

RACE obstacles are each worth 100 points and include:

  • Scrambler

  • High Class

  • Thread the Needle

  • Speed Ropes

  • Hurdles

Interested in adding a bit of challenge to the RACE route? Complete the HUSTLE obstacles on the same behind-the-scene course route. These obstacles are placed along the same RACE route and add a bit more difficulty.  Ages 14 and up can HUSTLE through one or all five of these additional obstacles. The choice is yours!

HUSTLE obstacles are each worth 200 points and include:

  • Pop and Drop

  • Kettlebell Swings

  • QB1

  • Peak Performance

  • Toe the Line

All this sound too easy or looking for a different challenge? Complete the BLITZ obstacles. These obstacle are place on the same RACE route and are optional as well. You can complete these in addition to or in place of the HUSTLE obstacles. 

BLITZ obstacles are each worth 300 points and include:

  • Spin Class

  • Hang Time

  • Ladder Drill

  • Blitz Bags

  • Push the Limit

But wait there's more...complete the course in under 40 minutes and you will get 2000 bonus points!

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Event Schedule

  • April 6 3:30 PM CDT - 3:30 PM - Doors Open / Blitz Zone Opens

  • April 6 5:00 PM CDT - 5:00 PM - First Racers on course!

Contact Information

Event Location

Gerald J. Ford Stadium, Ownby Drive, Dallas, TX, USA

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