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Name Leader Members
Appel-Olson Join team Jens Olson Jens Olson, Sonia Appel
BurkPride Join team Wayne Eric Burk Wayne Eric Burk, Claire Burk, Donovan Burk, Duncan Burk, Shannon Burk
Carrasco Join team Andres Carrasco Andres Carrasco, Yanli Qu, Ken Carrasco
G, Mom and O Join team Jacqueline Montesano-Erickson Jacqueline Montesano-Erickson, Giovanna Montesano, Orazio Montesano
Gutzlers Join team Kendall Reischl Kendall Reischl, David Gutzler
Haeberles Join team Terri Haeberle Terri Haeberle, David Haeberle, Elise Haeberle, Kate Haeberle
Kingdom Krew Winners Join team Valorie Williams Samuel Schaar, Rachelle Harding, Cade Schaar, Elsie Schaar, Valorie Williams, Kevin Williams, Nathan Williams, Abigail Williams
Laver Family Join team Sarah Laver Sarah Laver, Ken Laver, Ashleyann Laver, MaryJo Laver, Jon Paul Laver
Let Me Run Join team Sanjay Patel Sanjay Patel, Gary Aranjo
Lewis Join team Amber Lewis Amber Lewis, Scott Lewis, Annabel Lewis, Wyatt Lewis

Event Location

Lincoln and Minnesota Avenues, In front of Willow Glen Elementary School

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