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Registration fees

Big Bum Kids Run

  1. CA$10.00
    Feb 1 - Nov 15


  1. CA$25.00
    Feb 1 - Nov 15


  1. CA$25.00
    Feb 1 - Nov 15


  1. CA$25.00
    Feb 1 - Nov 15


  1. CA$25.00
    Feb 1 - Nov 15


  1. CA$25.00
    Feb 1 - Nov 15


  1. CA$25.00
    Feb 1 - Nov 15

Bad Ass 6Hour

  1. CA$60.00
    Feb 1 - Nov 15


WELCOME to the 15th Running of the Fat Ass Trail Run!

The Fat Ass as we lovingly call it began 15 years ago with 23 participants who didn't quite know what they had gotten themselves into and who fell in love with running the trails of the Batawa area. In 2013 the race had grown to over 700 participants. with 217 running the 7.5k, 235 running the 10k, 80 running the 17.5k, 45 running the 25k and 62 running the Big Bum. The fastest times were 28:59, 37:54, 1:16:47 and 1:54:25 respectively. If these times have you feeling intimidated remember that everyone is welcome; fast, slow, young, old, runners and walkers. 3 years ago we added a 4k distance so if you're new to trail running then this distance might be just for you, thoough we've had to change the distance a bit to accomodate the new trails at Batawa. It's now 5.5km. We have also recently added a 50k and are thrilled to be part of the Outrace Ultra & Trail Race Series!


While every race has competitive runners throughout who either race against each other, themselves or the clock; the Fat Ass is meant to be a fun race. We award the fastest male and female at each distance but the rest of the awards are for fun and our most coveted award goes to the runner who guesses closest to their finishing time; in 2013 the best guess was dead on.

What runners have said:

Lee S:  "For a no frills race, there sure are alot of frills. Amazing course, tons of parking, warm building with indoor washrooms, hot food at finish plus dessert, hot coffee before and after race, multiple massage tables, multiple distances, chip timing, tech shirt, kids race, prize table, winners prizes plus fun prizes, ample aid stations, tons of volunteers, the use of PRIVATE land ... this race is the best bang for your buck anywhere! Did you not read the shirt? ..."suck it up"

Erin M:  "I really like the idea of no frills/ low cost events. I've got enough race shirts and finisher medals- what really appeals to me is the chance to race, have a good time, and not pay a small fortune to do it. I had a blast , and I'll be back next year for sure."

Mike K:  "I'd like to say that I'm not one to complain, but let's face it, I am. Having said that, I really can't find anything to complain about. Personally I don't think headphones should be allowed in any race, so that's a no-brainer. The course was marked better than any year I can remember (I was 1 of the original 23) and I've never had an issue with the course. The coffee at the finish line was pure genius. This is as close to perfect as any race could hope to be. Good job!"

Shannon M: "This was my first time ever doing a trail run and I loved it! The atmosphere was fun and I will definitely sign up for next year! Thanks for a fantastic experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tricia B: "It was an awesome day!!"

What the race is about

"Fat Ass events are an ultrarunning tradition. The tradition dates back to 1978 in California when Joe Oakes needed to come up with a 50-mile qualifying time for the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run. The only local distance event he could find was the 50 mile Christmas Relays which required a team of 7, so he entered himself for each of the 7 legs and attracted 10 teams to accompany his solo attempt. Organizing the relay was a chore, so the next year (1979) Joe just invited anyone who wanted to run an informal 50-miler to join him. He called it the Fat Ass 50.

The concept of low-key, no frills, low or no cost events has struck a chord with experienced, self-sufficient runners. The name Fat Ass has stuck for this type of event and numerous Fat Ass events have sprung up around the world.

Another Western States 100-mile participant, Ean Jackson, hosted the first Fat Ass 50 kilometer run in Canada on New Years day in 1993. Inspired by Joe Oakes, his objective was to create an annual hangover cure for himself and a few ultrarunning friends that could be totally managed over the Internet, leaving him free to run with his friends rather than fret about the details of event management.
The concept of providing detailed course directions to each participant and minimizing course markings was an early innovation."

This is the blueprint for the Fat Ass Trail Run that started 10 years ago with 23 people and has grown to over 700. We hold this event on private property so are limited to what, when and how we can mark things as well as we always try to limit our impact on the natural surroundings. Trail running typically requires runners to be more vigilant about their surroundings and requires them to take the responsibility of knowing where they are. We have increased our markings and directions year after year as more runners not familiar with trail running participate but there are limits to what we can or are willing to provide. A bigger concern for us is keeping the cost low while the value high.

Common comments:

mile markers...if you need to know how far you've gone wear a Garmin.
Aid every 4-5 k is sufficient. If you need aid more frequently carry your own.
Trail markings...ribbon and arrows are what you will get. Keep your head up and your ear buds out so you can hear instructions given at those junctions where we do provide a willing volunteer who will stand in the cold for hours to show you which direction to go. If you miss a turn back up, get back on track and let us know so you can be considered for the most lost award.
Porta potties...1 per 100 hundred runners is the formula. There are 3 indoors for women, 6 indoors for men and we provide 3 porta potties. That is 12 opportunities while the most we have had running is 700.

From a road runner:

About the Big Bum:

Course Information

Surfaces: You may encounter grass, mud, rocks, tree roots, old rail bed, water, snow and or ice.

Elevation: YES. All distances except the 10k will run up and down the Bata Ski Hill, sometimes numerous times. If you choose the 10k to avoid the hills...don't, we found some there too!

Markings: We use signs and  ribbon to mark.  There are NO mile markers so if you need to know how far you have gone wear a Garmin.  If you get lost easily keep your head up, your eyes open and your ear buds out.

Aid Stations: There are 3 aid stations on the course, one on each section and one at the start finish line.  You will hit the aid stations as follows: 4k once, 7.5k twice, 10k twice, 17.5k five times, 25k six times and 50k twelve times. There will be water, coke, sweet and salty snacks.

There are 2 aid stations on the BadAss route which you will pass 3 times per loop . There will be water, coke, sweet and salty snacks.  One of the aid stations is for BadAss participants ONLY and will have additional food such as potatoes, chicken broth and pizza towards the end. Feel free to bring a bag and/or cooler to leave at this aid station. There will also be massage therapists reserved for BadAss participants.

If it's not mentioned here don't expect it, if you want it bring it, if we surprise you with something not mentioned...great!    

Fees and Optional Items

The registration fee for the Big Bum is $10. The Big Bum Kids Race is a fun run only.  There is NO timing and there are NO prizes or medals.  All participants will receive a registration gift and be eligible for door prizes. 

The registration fee for the 5.5k, 7.5k, 10k, 17.5k, 25k & 50K is $25. This no swag registration fee includes:

  • the race and aid station food only
  • commemorative Fat Ass Race Bib
  • numerous chances to win fabulous prizes

Optional Items:

Bad Add Participants Receive

Registration fee $60 - This includes your race, post race lunch, and a chance to win one of many generously donated draw prizes

Optional Tech Shirt

Optional $30 - Short OR Long sleeved technical shirt if ordered prior to Oct 18, 2019.  Fat Ass Logo on the front and a new sassy saying on the back. 

Color and style to be determined...


There will be prizes for the Fastest Ass at each distance, muddiest, and others.  The most coveted prize will go to the participant that guesses their finishing time the closest so please register with a time in mind.  We are always fortunate to have an abundant of generously donated draw prizes. Draw prizes will be done while you are running and will be put on a table with your name in the chalet for pick up when you have finished.  



We love them and encourage their presence on our weekly trail runs HOWEVER with our field at 600 participants we must ask that you leave your furry friends at home.


We ask that you leave your headphones at home. We strongly discourage the use of headphones as it detracts from the whole trail experience as well as limits your interaction with others and your environment. We have found historically that runners wearing headphones tend to get lost more frequently, miss trail directions and are unaware of other runners trying to pass.  


Please abide by the "take out what you bring in and leave nothing but footprints" moto. We are here by the graciousness of the Bata Corporation so while it is wilderness it is privately owned. Leave all garbage at aid stations.

Other Stuff

A quick moving trail runner, especially one who seemingly emerges from out of nowhere on an unsuspecting trail user, can be quite alarming. Give a courteous and audible announcement well in advance of your presence and intention to pass others on the trail stating something like, “On your left,” as you approach. Keep in mind your announcement doesn’t work well for those who are wearing headphones and blasting music. Show respect when passing, by slowing down or stopping if necessary to prevent accidental contact. Be ready to yield to all other trail users (bikers, hikers, horses) even if you have the posted right of way. Uphill runners yield to downhill runners in most situations.

We do not condone bandit runners.  Not only are bandits a serious safety and liability concern they can jeopardize the issuance of future permits and insurance.

Please leave your alcohol for post-race celebrations.

Other Important Information

Race registration will be capped at 600 total participants. 

Race kit pickup: You can pick up your bib and optional items (if applicable) on:

Saturday November 16 at Tri & Run Sports 10:00AM-3:00PM

                                               188 Front Street Belleville ON                         

or race morning at the Bata Ski Chalet starting at 7:00AM

                                          99 Ski Club Lane Batawa ON

Please note the staggered start times as Bib pick up will close 15 minutes prior to the start of each distance.  


Your bib must be worn on the outside of all clothes so visible to aid station volunteers and finish line crew. This is a timed event but your number MUST be visible in order to receive a finishing time. You may keep your bib, it does not need to be returned upon finishing. 

Finish Time Declaration and Distance Changes

The final day for changing distances and declaring your finish time is Monday November 6. If you choose to run a distance other than the one you are registered in your time will read in the results as DQ.


If you are unable to come and you want to give your spot to someone else this is acceptable but you must notify us in advance. There will be no switches after Nov 1st. 

There will be no refunds or deferrals for any reason.

Massage therapy students...yeah!! Thank you to Trillium College in Kingston AND BIHC 


To get to the Chalet from the 401 coming from the East or West take exit 525 (hwy 33) heading north.  As you come off the exit and begin heading north the Trent River will be on your right.  Drive north through Glen Miller until you see the Batawa turn.  This is about 5-6 minutes from the 401 at the speed limit.  When you get to the Batawa turn go left; if you go right then expect a SPLASH!!!  Once you have completed your turn drive to the end of the road, turn left then follow the Ski Hill signs to the parking lot.  You will know you have arrived by the fact there will be other cars there. There will be volunteers to assist with parking. Proceed to the chalet.

Race Director

Erin McDougall

Contact Information

Event Location

Batawa Ski Hill, Batawa, Quinte West, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada

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