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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Don’t Stop Believin’ - We’re Running for Steven Join team Terry Whynott Terry Whynott, Erin Whynott, Jackson Whynott $300.00
Team Thrive Join team Cosette French Cosette French $100.00
Katz & Dawgs Join team Sally Parks Sally Parks, Amber Thomas, Brittany Pot, Daniela McAdam, Rosalie Zettler, Tami Bender, Sarah Schnurr $50.00
Rural SC Join team Trish Serratore Trish Serratore, Paul Serratore, Carson Baglole, Donna Baglole, Laura Snoek $25.00
Worst Pace Scenario Join team Alex Dales Alex Dales, Tavia Caplan, Brett Hawkins, Jan Buehlow, Tory Buehlow $25.00
PELLOW PHARMASAVE DRUG RUNNERS Join team Rosanne Currie Rosanne Currie $0.00

Event Location

Walkerton Agricultural Building, 206 Durham Street West, Walkerton, ON, Canada

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