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Divas Speaker Series: Panel 1
The Gender Spectrum In Sports: Beyond the Binary

Divas Speaker Series Panel Discussion #1:

The discussion around trans, non-binary and fluid athletes is nearing it's fever pitch within the sports sphere. This panel aims to give a platform and voice to these athletes to share their narratives of being queer in the athletic space. The discussion will also cover policy within sports governing bodies from the collegiate system, professional athletics and within recreational sports

Susan Gapka, Community and political organiser, will discuss her experiences in the running community and provide recommendations on how we can become more trans inclusive and celebrate all women, regardless of biology and physiology. Susan is a tireless advocate for social justice movements within the LGBTQ+ community addressing issues of affordable housing, education, mental health and community safety. She was the first trans person to receive the Key to the City of Toronto and was Canada 150 Difference Maker in Mental Health among many other distinctions.

Christine Hsu is a second generation immigrant settler who identifies as nonbinary, genderfluid, and as a queer woman of colour. They've been a lifelong multi-sport athlete whose work lies particularly within the 2SLGBTQI communities using anti-oppression framework, to make sports and physical activities more accessible as well as ensuring that mainstream athletic spaces can strive to be safer and more inclusive for everyone. They are a certified learning professional, personal trainer, and physical and health educator for children, youth, and adults. Christine is currently working as a diversity and inclusion learning consultant who designs, develops, and delivers adult learning / workplace training. Specifically in the sports context, they were a previous chair of Flags of Glory and currently sits on the Sports Inclusion Task Force as a coordinating member working to strive for 2SLGBTQI inclusion in sports across Canada. They have worked with many sport organizations across the country, including the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports, Canadian Association of Coaching, and Canadian Olympic Committee to name a few.

Alyx Duffy is a genderqueer equity educator based in Tkaronto. They work to educate and inspire, encouraging everyone to consider how to make the community safer and more inclusive for each and every complex and dynamic individual. While Alyx has always enjoyed movement, they’ve grown up feeling unsafe or invisible in many of the spaces in which organized sports and activities occur, often avoiding them altogether. As an “adult” part of their personal practice has involved reconnecting with their body through activities like cycling, dancing the night away, and Capoeira Angola. They look forward to a future where all sorts of communities of movement are safe and accessible to everyone.

About the Divas Speaker Series: The Divas Speaker Series is designed to create a space for women to have uncomfortable yet critical discussions about women in sport. Issues of race, gender and sexuality have continuously permeated how we, as women, engage in sport along with factors such as physiology, biology and psychology. While we may see these issues addressed in the media and literature, we want to create a safe forum for women to be open and honest about these matters in a way that has been previously ignored. Through uncomfortable dialogue we want to create an avenue of progress and a network of women that will lift each other up.

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Queer Inclusion: Beyond the Gender Binary in Sport Closed

The Gladstone Hotel

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    Jan 29 - Mar 11

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The Gladstone Hotel: 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada

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