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 SWIM CLINIC 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

This is designed for attendees who wish to improve their stroke technique AND experienced athletes who want to review the fundamentals of their swimming. There will be approximately one hour instruction by Coach Brian Botzman including drills and individual feedback. Specific topics covered are body and head position, comfort in the water, rotation, breathing, and timing of the stroke. Participants will have the chance to obtain feedback in real-time.

 SWIM CHALLENGE 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Fun challenge for attendees to see how many laps/yards they can complete in 6 minutes of swimming. Athletes will be staged 2 in a lane. This is an opportunity to apply some of the coaching received to actual swim event. 

Registration fees

Clinic Closed

  1. $25.00
    Nov 18 - Apr 13

About The Clinic

Greenswell has partnered with Brian Botzman, TriColumbus Swim Coach, Head Coach of Unified Aquatics Club, and triathlete to create a swim clinic to improve your swimming speed and endurance by focusing on stroke technique and overall efficiency in the water. Triathletes will learn new drills to help isolate specific technique issues while also maximizing muscle memory with correct repetition.   The Greenswell swim clinics are great for anyone – from the individual preparing for their 1st triathlon to the experienced triathlete looking to have a great swim in their next race. No experience required but must feel comfortable in the water swimming 25 meters.

Recommended Equipment

A swim cap will be provided for all clinic participants.  It is recommended to bring goggles, hydration, and a towel. Optional equipment: kickboard, pool bouy, paddles and training fins. 

Event Schedule

  • April 14 10:45 AM EDT - Registration & Check-In

  • April 14 11:00 AM EDT - Clinic Start & Introductions

  • April 14 11:00 AM EDT - Explanation of Clinic Goals & Warm-up

Contact Information

Event Location

Columbus School for Girls, South Drexel Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA

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