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Hospice of Windsor & Essex County Inc.

Raise money for Hospice of Windsor & Essex County Inc.

The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County Inc. stands as a symbol of hope, providing compassionate care designed to enhance quality of life. This event supports the different programs available at the Hospice for Kids. That is why it is important that you consider raising funds for the Hospice, plus you can also receive a free  entry plus other gifts once you reach certain donation totals.  Part of this fundraising efforts also go to help support our annual Kids Tri Camp as we offer free entry to kids through a draw that is set up at all our events.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 19 Anonymous $27.80
Jun 19 Jeff Casey $25.00
Jun 19 Jim & Donna Tapping $22.43
Jun 19 Craig Gallaway $6.33
Jun 18 Anonymous $6.33
Jun 18 Fatima Pinheiro $11.70
Jun 18 Dustin Ducharme $50.00
Jun 17 Nancy Roznawski Undisclosed amount
Jun 17 Gail Rock $27.80
Jun 16 Koekstat Family Try your best love Papa, Nanny, Aunt Karrie, Uncle Peter, Burke and Paisley $108.31