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Salmon Run

Brought to you by NSTR and Salomon

NEW EARLY BIRD PRIZE! Register by Feb 28 at 11:59:59pm for your chance to win a Suunto Spartan Trainer GPS watch!!

Come join us for the first trail running races ever in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park in beautiful Cape Breton!

2 different trails. 2 different races. 2 awesome days in Cape Breton. 1 HUGE Prize Lot!! By far our biggest chunk of prizes ever!! Think ~15 pairs of Salomon Sense Ride 2s, 12 Salomon ADV SKIN 5L packs, Salomon hats, buffs and more!!

*100 runner limit Saturday.

*100 runner limit on Sunday.

Exciting times in the Highlands! The first 50 people that register AND call the park will get a tent site (Check-in June 1st/Check-out June 2nd at 11am) included with their registration fee! First come, first served. The park is also offering a 10% discount (Check-in June 1st/Check-out June 2nd at 11am) on oTENTiks and camp/RV sites with electricity (limited availability). Keep in mind, other accommodations are available nearby. 

Call 902-224-2306 to book your spot!

Located just outside of Cheticamp, the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is the gateway to amazing adventures, flowy single track, and stunning scenery. Come join us at the at Robert Brook campground (within Chéticamp campground) for 2 days of trail running fun!

Both days start and finish at the Robert Brook campground, so once you're there, you don't have to go far to find the start line.

Saturday's race is an out-and-back run on the Salmon Pools trail (or upstream and downstream if you're a salmon).

"Ideal for a fitness walk or a stroll, this level trail follows the bottom of the Chéticamp River canyon with cliffs almost 400 metres (1,300 ft) high towering above. The First Pool is about 3.6 km up the Chéticamp River. The trail narrows and continues to Chance Pool where polished, exposed bedrock makes a great location for a picnic. Walk on through the forest and along the river past gravel bars interspersed with rapids and deeper pools for another 600 m where the trail currently ends. Watch for Atlantic salmon in the deeper pools."

Sunday's race is a ~9k loop with an awesome climb up onto the plateau, followed by a very nice and fast downhill on the Acadian trail. This is one of the nicest and most fun trails in the park!

"Climb 365 metres above the Chéticamp River for panoramic views of the Acadian coastline, the Chéticamp river valley and the park's highland interior. Benches along the way let you rest periodically and enjoy the scenery. Watch how the forest changes as you climb steadily to the top and be on the look-out for black bears and moose."

Stay tuned for more announcements!

*No refunds. No deferrals. No transfers. No dogs/pets on the course during the races*

Registration fees

SATURDAY RACE -- Salmon Pools Trail Race Closed

Upstream/Downstream Race....err...Out-and-back. 5k out. Turn Around. 5k back to where you started. Roughly 130m of elevation gain and 130m of elevation loss.

  1. CA$60.00
    Feb 11 - May 30

SUNDAY RACE -- Acadian Trail Race Closed

9k loop. Head up the steep side of the Acadian Loop and enjoy the long, sweet descent (clockwise)! Elevation gain is ~380m of climbing and ~380m of descending.

  1. CA$60.00
    Feb 11 - May 30

Saturday June 1st Schedule

11:00am - 1:30pm - Salmon Pools Trail Race Check-in at Robert Brook Campground

1:30pm - Race check-in ends

2:00pm - Race begins!

Sunday June 2nd Schedule

7:00am - 8:30am - Acadian Trail Race Check-in at Robert Brook Campground

8:30am - Race check-in ends

9:00am - Race begins!

Full Weekend Schedule of Events


Cape Breton Highlands National Park and 

Nova Scotia Trail Running

Salmon Run

Participant Information Package 

We are very excited that you have chosen to participate in Cape Breton Highlands National Park’s first trail running event, organised in collaboration with Nova Scotia Trail Running, the Chéticamp River and Margaree River Salmon Associations, ÉcolesPlus, Big Spruce Brewing and Ocean Tracking Network.

Here you will find details on how to get here, where to park, and what to bring. We’re also including a full schedule of activities so you can plan your day and properly prepare for the weekend.  

How to get there

The Salmon Run will take place around the Chéticamp Campground, in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.


The two main routes to the Chéticamp entrance of the park are:

  • via Route 19     (Ceilidh Trail), which leads you through Judique, Mabou, Inverness and     Margaree Harbour. Route 19 begins at the rotary in Port Hastings, on the     "island" side of the Canso Causeway.

·        via the Cabot Trail (West), traveling through Middle River, Lake O'Law, Margaree Harbour. This part of the Cabot Trail may be accessed from Exit 7 of the TransCanada Highway 105, in Nyanza.

·        There are presently numerous construction projects on the Cabot Trail – add half an hour more to your normal traveling time. 

When you arrive

When you arrive please park at the Chéticamp Visitor Centre, where you can get your park pass for the day. In order not to congest the Robert Brook area, we ask that you make your way there on foot from the parking lot at the visitor centre. If you are camping, the visitor centre is also where you will register for camping. 

*Note that the park entry is free for June 1st 2019!

If you want to camp at the park during the event, there are several camping options on site (from tent camping, renting an oTENTik, or bringing your RV). Visit for more details, or to reserve your site. 


Even if you have pre-registered on-line, you must also register at the Registration Station of your run(s) to receive proper orientation and instructions. See schedule below for registration schedules and locations. 

Workshops and Activities

During the event, you will be presented with the opportunity to participate in many different activities, workshops and special programs, most of which will take place on June 1. 



Saturday June  1










9:30 am– 10:30 am

Registration: Parr Run (5 km)

Robert Brook Campground Registration Station

11 am – 1:30 pm

Registration: Smolt Run (9 km)

Robert Brook Campground Registration Station

1pm – 2 pm

Registration: Frye  Run (2km)

Shelter C, near Chéticamp Visitor Centre

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Registration:  Alevin Run (short circuit)

Shelter C, near Chéticamp Visitor Centre










11 am

Parr Run (5 km) 

Salmon Pools Trail

12 pm – 7 pm

Stand and  Stuff Your Face 


food truck 

Chéticamp Visitor Centre parking lot

1 pm – 4 pm

Fly Tying and Fly Casting Workshops 

Shelter B, near Chéticamp Visitor Centre

1 pm – 4 pm 

Big Spruce Brewing (samples)

Shelter B, near Chéticamp Visitor Centre

2 pm

Smolt Run (9 km)

Salmon Pools Trail

2:30 pm

Frye Run (2 km)

Lower Campround 

3 pm

Alevin Run (short circuit) 

Playground near Chéticamp  Visitor Centre

3 pm – 4 pm 

Family Activities

Shelter C, near Chéticamp Visitor Centre

7 pm – 7:35 pm

“Love Flows” documentary screening

Chéticamp Visitor Centre

7 pm – 8 pm

Tap Room Talk

Doryman Tavern, Chéticamp

                                                Sunday  June 2

7 am – 8:30 am

Registration: Big  Salmon Run (9 km)

Robert Brook Campground Registration Station

8 am – 12 pm 

Stand and  Stuff Your Face 


food truck 

Chéticamp Visitor Centre parking lot

9 am

Big Salmon Run (9 km) 

Acadian Trail

What to Bring

Please note that none of the runs include water stations. You must bring your own water/drinks. There is potable water on site, so we encourage you to bring a refillable water bottle

It is very important to be prepared for any weather conditions, during the day as well as at night if you are camping. Please bring warm clothes, many layers and a change of clothes in case you get wet or dirty. You’ll need a rain jacket and appropriate footwear. Other items to bring include bug spray and sunscreen, and cash for the food truck and donations.

Share your experience!

During and after the event, share your favourite experiences and memories with us:

Facebook: /CBHNP

Twitter: /ParksCanada_NS

Instagram: /parks.canada

For making your trip planning and site visit event better, you can download the Parks Canada’s National app available on iTunes and Google Play. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Salmon Run!




Contact Information

Event Location

Cheticamp Campground - National Park, Cabot Trail, Petit Étang, Nova Scotia, Canada

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