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Join us for the 2nd Annual NoBody is Perfect 5K run/walk on Sunday, August 4 at Glacier Ridge Metro Park.  Our event supports the fight against eating disorders. It serves to spread awareness in our community about eating disorders as well as raises much-needed funds for research surrounding these mental illnesses. Our event includes a fun, family-friendly 3.1 mile course that you can run, walk, or even skip, including music, awards and more! The event is welcome to all ages.

Register by July 14 to be guaranteed an event shirt. Shirts are available on a first-come, first served basis on event day.

If you would like to sponsor the event, please contact Mike Kerins at 614-439-0042.

Why is This Event Important?  With the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness, it is estimated that 30 million individuals in the US will develop an eating disorder within their lifetime. They affect both men and women of all ages, all race and ethnicity groups and people of all income groups across the country.  For those suffering, eating disorders are not a trendy phase chosen by an individual based upon vanity. For many, it is not simply a choice at all. There are wide range of biological, physiological, psychological, social, emotional and behavioral factors that contribute to the development of an eating disorder.  Despite the fact that eating disorders are both dangerous and prevalent, research in this field is minuscule. It is our hope to change this. The money raised from this event will go to qualified leading researchers focused on all aspects of these mental illnesses- cause, treatment, long term effects, etc.

Additionally, it is our goal to spread awareness about eating disorders as well as promote positive self and body image. While the exact cause of eating disorders have not been directly identified, it is our belief at NoBody is Perfect, that promoting a positive image within ourselves and others is so important in this discussion. Statistics show that even as early as age 6, children can begin to express concerns about their own weight and shape, yet most public schools do not offer education about eating disorders or promote the importance of a positive body image. This exacerbates the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding eating disorders.

Together, we hope to inspire positive self image within the community while simultaneously spreading awareness about eating disorders and raising money for necessary research.

Special Raffle Prize - $1,000 Certificate!

Hutta & Cook Orthodontics have given us a $1,000 gift certificate toward treatment for new families! This certificate will be raffled off and one lucky winner will take home this great prize!

Countdown to Event Day!

Registration fees

5K - Adult (19 years & Older)

Price changes in 27 days 22 hours
    1. $30.00
      Now registering Feb 18 – Jul 14
    2. $35.00
      Jul 15 – Aug 3

5K - Youth (18 years old & Under)

Price changes in 13 days 22 hours
    1. $20.00
      Now registering Feb 18 – Jun 30
    2. $25.00
      Jul 1 – Aug 3

Virtual Participation: T-Shirt Purchase

Unable to Participate in person? Go ahead and register, run your favorite 5K route and receive the NoBody is Perfect 5K shirt in the mail post-race!

  1. $30.00
    Feb 18 - Aug 3

About NoBody is Perfect

Dear Friends, 

My name is Bailey Kerins, Co-Founder and Event Planner of NoBody is Perfect.  I am currently a sixth grader at Saint Brigid of Kildare Elementary school(Dublin, OH) and I got involved because I have a passion for helping people.  Two years ago my father and I were Googling charities to donate funds for a fundraising contest and we found NoBody is Perfect fundraiser on the University of Notre Dame Women’s Soccer website.  The more I read about eating disorders and body image issues with athletes the more I wanted to help.  I reached out to the Notre Dame soccer player Kaleigh Olmsted, creator of NoBody is Perfect to be more involved and together we created this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  

NoBody is Perfect currently raises money for awareness events and research for eating disorders with plans to do so much more!  

Our Mission

The Mission of the NoBody is Perfect organization is to raise awareness about eating disorders and promote positive body image.  

Our Goals

Short term - Create and carryout a statewide Public Awareness Campaign / Mental Health Prevention Campaign with a focus on eating disorders and body image.

Long Term – Fund and co-create a work force training team and educational website.  

Dream – Create and fund an inpatient hospital for those suffering from eating disorders.  

Hope you join us August 4 and support our 5k run/walk, 

Bailey Kerins


Spot Athletics

NoBody is Perfect has partnered with The Spot Athletics to help promote positive mindsets. We are excited to announce that Founder & Head Performance Coach JL Holdsworth will be speak at 5K. 


Top Donors

# Name Amount
1 Anonymous $107.94
2 Anonymous $54.43
4 Home Cole $27.68
5 Anonymous $11.62

Top Fundraisers



Raised: $27.68

Event Schedule

  • August 4 7:30 AM EDT - Event Day Packet pick-up/Check-in

  • August 4 8:00 AM EDT - Opening Ceremony

  • August 4 8:15 AM EDT - Event Day pick-up/Check-in Ends

  • August 4 8:30 AM EDT - Run/Walk Begins

  • August 4 9:30 AM EDT - Celebration, Awards, Youth Team Photos

Contact Information

Event Location

Glacier Ridge Metro Park, Hyland-Croy Road, Plain City, OH, USA

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