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Name Leader Members
#NoExcuses Join team Laura Unruh Laura Unruh, Kelly Unruh
4500 Fitness Join team heather zoellick heather zoellick, VICTORIA SLIVA, Patty Pulliam, John Tracy, Devynn Tracy, Ryer Tracy, Adam Hooczko, Kari Criswell, Michael Criswell
Ambrose Join team Brooke Ambrose Brooke Ambrose, Tony Ambrose, Mike Ross, Kristen Evans, Gary Evans, Tim Ross
Blazin' 4 BBQ Join team Heather Zoellick Heather Zoellick, Greg Heden, June Zoellick, George Zoellick
City Barbeque Join team Mike Wolfgang Mike Wolfgang
Donna's Divas Join team Mark Kiser
Experity Join team Kerrin Tom Kerrin Tom, Michelle Louthan, Crystal Dominguez, Paul Lyngso, Angie Lyngso, Elvi Vasili, Ricardo Villagomez
Fayman Join team Joseph Fayman Joseph Fayman
FSR Join team Debby Rowe Debby Rowe, Armando Serafini, Christy Carter
Grove Dental Associates Join team Teresa Tuttle Teresa Tuttle, Maria Pulido, Tim Moss, Isaac Moss, Jamie Moss, Cassidy Moss, Allison Moss, Josephine Moss, Lynne Smuskiewicz, Michael Cunningham, Mark Cabana, Lois Baker

Event Location

6801 Main Street, Downers Grove, IL, USA

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