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Name Location Sub-event
Addison Fisher Georgian Bluffs, CA 2.5k
Adele Burton Kincardine, CA 5k
Adi Shnall Thornhill, CA 52.5k
Aidan Nelson Owen Sound, CA 5k
Aleida Nelson Owen Sound, CA 2.5k
Alex Scheifele Owen Sound, CA 15k
Alexandra Heck Shelburne, CA 15k
Amanda Norley London, CA 30k
Andrew Merkel Markham, CA 52.5k
Annette Wrigley St. Marys, CA 7.5k
Arihannah Brown Saugeen Shores, CA 2.5k
Arnie Brakel Erin, CA 7.5k
Arynn Fisher Georgian Bluffs, CA 15k
Ashley Sametz Kitchener, CA 30k
Audrey De Koning Dundas, CA 30k
Barb Snelling South bruce peninsula, CA 7.5k
Barbi Heathcote London, CA 15k
Becca Wilcox Meaford, CA 7.5k
Becky Smith Saugeen Shores, CA 7.5k
Benjamin Lawton London, CA 30k
Bennet Jaworski Toronto, CA 52.5k
Blare Dodds Cambridge, CA 2.5k
Brandon Murray Lucknow, CA 7.5k
Brennan Law Meaford, CA 2.5k
Brent Day Shallow Lake, CA 2.5k

Event Location

Hepworth, ON, Canada, Sawmill Ski Trail

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