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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Linda’s Warriors💙💛 Join team Natalynn Jones Natalynn Jones $54.10
Team Jessica Join team Cindy Morey Cindy Morey, Tom Morey $54.10
#TeamFredaV Join team Sheena Virji Sheena Virji $0.00
Chasity’s Teal Warriors Join team Chasity Mathis Chasity Mathis $0.00
Helen's HOPE Join team Brandy Kelley Brandy Kelley, Kevin Kelley, Connor Kelley, Leigha Kelley $0.00
Kim Teal Trotters Join team Kimberly Claar Kimberly Claar, Sarah Goodwin, Josh Goodwin $0.00
Misty’s Minions Join team Misty Waters Misty Waters, Joyce Millians $0.00
Nena's Team Join team Bahkahlenah Buie Bahkahlenah Buie, Taj Hooper $0.00
Tenaciously TEAL Join team Kimberly Emory Kimberly Emory $0.00
Terri’s Team 💕 Join team Terri Stewart Terri Stewart, Kevin Stewart $0.00

Event Location

4500 Stella Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA, United States

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