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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Betsy's Buddies Join team Betsy Gentry Betsy Gentry, Jeff Gentry, Nancy Fayard, Jacque Corum, Diane Christian, Susan Spann, Diane Campbell, Lindy Farley, Leann O'Donnell, Suzanne Clark, Whitney Fleming, Luke Fleming, Lisa Wood $912.98
Triumphantly Teal Join team Bonny Spears Bonny Spears, Jeffrey Spears, Scott Spears, Donn Gray, Julie Gray, Chantal Elmore, Melissa Whatley, Karen Johnston, Maureen Upchurch, Kelly Scott $828.25
Linda’s Warriors💙💛 Join team Natalynn Jones Natalynn Jones, Tracy Reese $54.10
Team Jessica Join team Cindy Morey Cindy Morey, Tom Morey $54.10
Women Warriors Join team Laura Owens Laura Owens $27.48
#TeamFredaV Join team Sheena Virji Sheena Virji $0.00
CDC/ATSDR Chapter of Blacks in Government Join team Danny Wade Danny Wade $0.00
Chasity’s Teal Warriors Join team Chasity Mathis Chasity Mathis $0.00
Colleen’s Courage Warriors Join team Evan Karanovich Evan Karanovich, Alan Karanovich, Colleen Karanovich $0.00
Courage for Colleen Join team Evan Karanovich $0.00

Event Location

4500 Stella Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA, United States

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