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NOTE ABOUT DISCOUNT CODES;  If you are 16 or younger, or 70 and over you get an automatic 50% discount.  Do not use an additional discount code.  You will be disqualified if you combine an additional discount code.

Get your BFF, get your costume, and get ready to run super fast, jog, walk, or crawl.....

Whatever you choose, we will make it memorable. Just know there's a party under the stars waiting for you at the finish line. It's your night so let out your inner duke or diva and do what makes you happy!

As you know, we try for all of our events to have a unique theme that will help you remember why you registered and why you came to run with us. This event is just fun, so we thought we should celebrate the comedy of running and let the guys in on it this time around. We have even decided to add some relay options!! SO, along with our individual 5k and 10k options, we are offering the following options for our 10k relay:

Open Women's Team (2 crazy gals)
Open Men's Team (2 goofy guys)
Open Mix Team (1 boy.. 1 girl.. "two hearts beating wilidy".. from running)

AND THEN, there's the Open MASTERS :-D
You can sign up as any of the above mentioned options and battle any other team who signs ups in this category.

All relay awards will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd only.

Our vendors are second to none and they care about you having a great time.

If you have done this race before we want you back and we hope you bring friends or whoever else you think would enjoy sharing in our craziness.

The 10k and relay start at dark (8:30 pm) for night time fun.  The 5k will start at 8:50 p.m. Whether you are going to try out our 10k relay, or choose our traditional 5k or 10k, bring a headlamp or any glow in the dark flare you have.

The run will be on the paved areas of the River City Church property, and we are so excited for this to be our first race there!!!

This is a fast flat course. You can read more details on the website at:

Share this out to your friends.
Early packet pick up will be:

Friday July 19th,
Alamo Brewery 4pm to 7pm
And then on race day at the start location from 7 p.m. until the start of your race.

Can't wait to see you there!!

Volunteers sign up will be available closer to the race date.

No Refunds!

Transfer Info:
Thanks for signing up for our race, sometimes things change and you have to transfer your race entry or change the race, we understand. Please understand that this takes time to make these changes and we charge $20 to make that change or transfer.

It doesn't mean we don't love you.

Registration fees

Midsummer Nights Dream 5k Closed


  1. $43.00
    Nov 8 - Jul 20

Midsummer Nights Dream 5k Virtual Closed

Virtual 5k

  1. $42.00
    Nov 8 - Jul 20

Midsummer Nights Dream 10k Closed


  1. $48.00
    Nov 8 - Jul 20

Midsummer Nights Dream 10k Virtual Closed

Virtual 10k

  1. $48.00
    Nov 8 - Jul 20

Midsummer Nights Dream 10k Two Person Relay Closed

This is the 2 person 10k relay option

  1. $83.00
    Nov 8 - Jul 20

Age Deals

If you are 16 and younger we are giving you at 50% discount we want you to also take ownership of the race.  When you finish, if you are able, come to the finish line and help the other runners. Stay and help clean up. You are young and we need your energy to make everything perfect.

Then be an ambassador for running and our running events, help us promote the events and the volunteers where ever you go. And on social media, snapchat, facebook, instagram..etc…

70+ participants will also get 50% off. If you can afford it we request that you make a small donation to marrowmatch. If you can not that is fine. We also ask that you take ownership of these races and help with advice to younger runners to keep them calm and caring.


We want your leadership in our runner community.

Thank you.

Event Schedule

  • November 8 4:39 PM CST - opens

Contact Information

Event Location

River City Community Church, Lookout Rd, Selma, TX, USA

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