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Help us raise money for participating in 6th Bidii Children's Charity Run

Team members

Click on one of our team members below to make a donation.

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Sebastian Coppa

Raised: CA$175.00

Bradley Leone

Raised: CA$125.00

Esperanza Leone

Raised: CA$100.00

Shelley Dennis-Gordon

Raised: CA$50.00

Brad Moore

Raised: CA$0.00

Eva Kariuki

Raised: CA$0.00

Ravi Joshi

Raised: CA$0.00

Shauna Moore

Raised: CA$0.00

Team captain

Sophia Jae Makarov

Raised: CA$0.00

Trisha Dosaj Makarov

Raised: CA$0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 04 Marion Irwin Good luck, Espie!! Great that you are supporting Simon in this good work that he does. Glad to support you, too, as you run or walk! CA$100.00
Oct 04 John Dale CA$100.00
Sep 30 Esperanza Leone CA$25.00
Sep 30 Esperanza Leone CA$25.00
Sep 30 Esperanza Leone CA$25.00
Sep 17 Shelley Dennis-Gordon Run for Education...Run for Bidii! CA$25.00
Sep 16 Anonymous CA$100.00
Sep 12 Shauna Moore CA$200.00
Sep 04 Jamie Errington CA$50.00
Sep 04 Sebastian Coppa Undisclosed amount