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Sole Sisters Volunteer

Volunteer with us in our beautiful City of Lakes.

 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 

Thanks for your interest in volunteering for the Sole Sister Event!


This event could not happen without our amazing volunteers. We are always grateful and thankful for each and every volunteer. We rely on our dedicated volunteers to make this event a fun, safe and excellent run. 

Please click "Volunteer Now" and answer a few questions for us.

 If you have any questions about the event or the sign up process, please contact 

Natasha and Trudy


We're excited to have you join us this year!

For 2019, we’re shaking things up! 

For our 8th Annual Sole Sisters Women’s Race – one night just felt too short, so we’re turning into a weekend-long event! Our Saturday evening 5K Walk/Run will stay the same, but we’re now adding a timed 5K, Quarter and Half Marathon to the very next day (instead of October)! That’s right, 2 days, 4 events – it’s going to be awesome. 

Sole Sisters  is a fundraiser for Girls Gone Gazelle Run Club (an empowering and free program for girls 8-13 that we'd love to invite your Gazelle to join).  While Girls Gone Gazelle is our primary focus we also donate $5,000-$10,000 to other amazing and important local charities. We started this event to fund raise for the Gazelles to keep the best curriculum we know of free but we quickly learned there are other not for profits that could benefit too!

 "Finish Lines Not Finish Times" - Sole Sisters

Registration fees

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    Apr 5 - Jun 2


Sole Sisters Women's Race Series has the mission "to postively influence the mental and physical health of women and girls through physical activity." Sole Sisters funds the FREE confidence club: Girls Gone Gazelle Run Club which has the motto: "I don't chase boys, I pass them!" and looks to promote confidence and body acceptance while building a girl's knowledge of excercise.  

If this is something that you would like to support further by partnering with Sole Sisters Women's Race Series as a sponsor, contact Stacy Chesnutt directly at

Event Schedule

  • June 1 4:30 PM ADT - Race Support

  • June 2 6:30 AM ADT - Race Support

Contact Information

Event Location

Grahams Grove, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

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