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June Adventure - Flatiron (Coquihalla Recreation Area)
Flatiron (Coquihalla Recreation Area)

The Coquihalla Summit Recreation area is a challenging, vertical landscape with views looking over the vast surrounding mountain ranges. This adventure day will involve exploring the trail up to Needle Peak and then we will head over to Flatiron. As this is a guided trail run, we will not reach the summit of Needle but will venture up to the start of the rock section and enjoy the views without requiring further mountaineering gear! We will then head over to the adjacent mountain, Flat Iron. This is a unique flat mountain top with a stunning view looking at the surrounding area, including looking back at Needle! Here, we will enjoy a snack and take some pictures so be sure to pack clothes for any type of weather!

Who is this for?

This adventure run is for the runner who has some experience running on trails, and who doesn't mind navigating roots and rocky terrain.

Please contact us at if you are curious and want to know if this run will be a good fit for you. As always, no runner will be left behind! 

Quick stats:

Level: Intermediate (hiking the steep climbs, running the steep descents, and covering technical terrain) 

Distance + elevation: 9 km route with between 760m elevation gain 

Time: 2-3 hours 

Route map + description of Needle to Flatiron can be found here.

More Detailed Description of the Run:

The trail starts off right beside the Coquihalla Highway and immediately ascends up into a gorgeous lush forest with sky scraping trees. We will then come to an opening with a beautiful alpine field, where both Needle and Flatiron peaks are visible. The entire trail is a single track route with some rooted sections prior to reaching the flat and tame meadow trail. 

As we approach the climb up Needle Peak, we will begin to ascend yet again and climb up until the rock section begins. On this adventure day we will stop here and enjoy the views. The trail continues to the summit but to ensure group safety and have everyone feel safe we will not complete the summit over the large boulder sections. The accomplishment of reaching the first lookout is significant and entirely worthwhile! 

From there, we descend briefly to the meadow and head across to Flatiron. This trail includes one section that is quite exposed and has a significant drop off, being able to safely and confidently manage a single track trail with a visible ledge is important here. Please feel free to bring poles along for additional stability and support with this route and elevation profile! There are a few steps to pass this exposed section and then back to open grounds. 

The trail then continues along and up towards the summit of Flatiron, where views are endless. We will spend some time exploring the various views and enjoying the fun of running across an entirely flat mountain top! 

When we have had our fun and some provided snacks, we will descend back the same way we came.


Head east on Old Hope-Princeton Way. Take Hwy #5 east for 46 km. Use the service road near the Ministry of Highways yard. Park on the side near the sign that marks the trailhead.

Registration fees

June Adventure - Coquihalla Summit (Flatiron) Closed

The Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area hosts some of the most beautiful mountains in the Cascade range. On our adventure, we will be running the trails of Needle and Flatiron. The trail that we will be using is an out-and-back style course with panoramic views, a unique flat mountaintop and gorgeous alpine flowers. This run is geared towards trail runners who have some experience with steep ascending and descending trails and are comfortable with some level of exposure to heights!

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    Apr 1 - Jun 22

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Event Location

Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area, Coquihalla Hwy, Yale, BC, Canada

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