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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Freemont Dental Allstars Join team Joi Freemont Joi Freemont $4,427.00
Erma's Gang Join team Erma Freemont Erma Freemont $1,075.00
Team Spoon Join team Joseph Weatherspoon Joseph Weatherspoon $375.00
TEAM N.E.W. BEGINNINGS Join team Sharon Owens Sharon Owens, Stephanie Johnson $125.00
Team Chip Shot Join team Chris Larkin Chris Larkin $100.00
K.C.'s Revelers Join team Keyona Revere Keyona Revere, Gloria Revere, Munir Muhummad, Koya Perry $80.00
March-April DCP Divas Join team Lisa Gipson Lisa Gipson, Vic Carew, Lavina Moss $75.00
Team S.S.I. Unit #34 Join team Amber Goldwire-Wade Amber Goldwire-Wade, Brittannee Jones, Lauren Alexander, Donita Cullen $75.00
Devastating Delta Dears Join team Joann Strange Joann Strange, Melva Jones, Vanessa Morton $60.00
S.O.N.Y.A. Join team Sonya Dennis Sonya Dennis, Dana Pope $50.00

Event Location

Jess Lucas Park, 680 South Central Avenue, Hapeville, GA, USA

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