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The ARK Alzheimer's Support

Raise money for The ARK Alzheimer's Support

The ARK provides your family with hope and relief when someone you love is living with Alzheimer’s disease or a related memory disorder. Our goal is to preserve dignity, respect individual self worth, and help people with memory problems continue to be a part of their community. You are the reason we exist! Our caregivers are as much a priority as the person with the disease. Join our family!


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Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Aug 16 Kelvin Ashe $27.65
Aug 16 Shawn and Laura Bergeron Go Mere! $33.00
Aug 16 charmas ashe $27.65
Aug 15 Chummy Brown Anonie $11.61
Aug 14 Mr. & Mrs. Wu $54.39
Aug 14 Andrew Simpson $22.30
Aug 13 Colleen Bishop Your dad would be proud of your efforts to rid the world of this horrible disease! Undisclosed amount
Aug 13 Donehue Family Undisclosed amount
Aug 12 Raymond Murphy Undisclosed amount
Aug 12 Courtney Blackwell $27.65